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Case Study No: 70 | Ulcerative Colitis - Kanwarjit Singh

Kanwarjit Singh, totally grateful to Planet Ayurveda

Kanwarjit Singh is a native of Shahbad Markanda in district Kurukshetra in Haryana. He is a middle age man who has retired from his job and was enjoying his retirement when Ulcerative Colitis (UC) struck him in the year 2014. He felt pain in his rectum area and he went to visit a local doctor who asked him to visit the most renowned hospital at Chandigarh. He took his advice and came to Chandigarh as it is located just 60kms from his native town. He went straight to hospital's head of department of Gastroenterologist and told the doctor about his symptoms who did a colonoscopy test and revealed the disease to him that it was Ulcerative Colitis (UC).

"What the hell is that?" he questioned the doctor. The doctor explained in detail pointing out the causes first like change in life style, spicy food that we eat daily, packaged food, junk food, alcohol, soft drinks etc. Any could be responsible for causing it and it happens to very rare cases, just a one in a million. He also scared him further by stating that he has a prolonged disease and he has to take medicines for a long time. Kanwarjit Singh wasn't given any choice and he wanted a relief, so he agreed to the doctor's advice who prescribed him some medicines and he after buying them came back to his home town. He kept doing the medication and his symptoms reduced to a certain extent but never got him the full relief.

But he found no other way of survival and the doctor kept changing the medicines every week and giving whimsical excuses one after the other and assuring him that this one will certainly show some effect. For the first couple of months he did feel the relief coming but after sometime the medicine that contained steroids did show its side effects and symptoms used to flare up once again putting him on back to square one. It kept happening, every time the doctor changed his dosage he used to feel the relief initially but all medicines had lots of side effects. He kept having the medicines till 2016 or 17 and was even admitted to that hospital in Chandigarh when a visitor suggested changing the hospital.

He liked the idea and shifted from that hospital to another one in Mohali (a sub town of Chandigarh) where the doctors assured him that he will be cured very soon. He trusted them and kept having the medicines for 6, 7 months but never got the relief even from them. They never reduced his symptoms instead increased them as bleeding and mucus also started coming with the stools. He even felt the pain occasionally after taking their medicines. He changed his mind and went back to the old hospital in Chandigarh. At least they used to lower his symptoms for some time only. He kept suffering for continuous 4 years and in August 2018 one of his friends suggested a cure from Planet Ayurveda. "Now what is that?" he asked. The friend replied, "It's an Ayurvedic clinic that has found the cure for UC permanently," replied his friend. He asked him further, "How can you be so sure?" "Take a look at that," the friend answered and took out his mobile and played a video on YouTube where a patient of UC was praising an Ayurvedic doctor by the name of Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who had cured him after suffering from UC for past 6 years.

He made him watch many more videos of patients with UC getting the cure from Planet Ayurveda. All looked genuine and his friend was looking at him in a positive way and said, "When you have tried so many hospitals and no one did provide you a permanent relief, let's try them out. It might be your final destination," and looked at him in a staggered way. Even Kanwarjit Singh felt that Ayurveda might provide the relief that he was seeking for so long.

Actually Planet Ayurveda is maintained by a highly educated, talented, renowned and reputed pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his life partner Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Even Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan has earned a gold medal while perceiving her degrees. All the medicines that are made here in the premises are authentic and the raw material comes from organic or naturally grown herbs. First they check the authenticity in a modern lab, if a fault is detected the whole lot gets rejected. Planet Ayurveda relies more on quality rather than quantity. That's why it is flourishing at a fast pace globally.

He took his number from their website and dialed it and was answered by a sweetly speaking lady and he narrated his own grievances and felt shoddy about his position and was totally perplexed. She did encourage him and welcomed him to Planet Ayurveda and asked him to bring down all the papers that he had with him related to his UC, all the lab reports, the hospital slips and all. She did tell him that the clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors served on first come first serve basis. He fixed the day when he can see Dr. Vikram Chauhan and cut the call. He told his friend that if he finds the cure from Planet Ayurveda he will remain indebted to him throughout his life. His friend smilingly said, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

The next day, both came to HQ of Planet Ayurveda in Mohali, and were impressed by seeing the rush of patients. They also took their seats in the AC lounge and waited for their own turn after getting registered. At around 2pm someone called the name Kanwarjit Singh and both got up and were ushered in the doctor's room. After the greetings the doctor scanned his UC related papers carefully and then asked Kanwarjit Singh to tell his own history that he told in an honest manner. The doctor then turned towards him and said, "Look Mr. Kanwarjit Singh, this disease will be cured fully, I assure you that, but you have to stick to our diet plan first," he showed him a list that had a list of foods to eat and the foods to avoid, and then continued, "You also need to buy our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take the medicines as prescribed here," pointing his index finger to the slip he held in his hand. He also asked him to keep telling the effects every month and bid them goodbye.

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Both went to the pharmacy outside the doctor's room and bought the pack and left the premises. Kanwarjit Singh kept studying the diet chart while his friend drove the car. Both did stop and did the shopping from Ambala and began his medication the next day. The bleeding, pain and mucus vanished within 2, 3 weeks and the frequency of stools also decreased and he felt overwhelmed for choosing Planet Ayurveda. After a 4 month period he felt 100% fine and the doctor also stopped his medicine but he still follows the diet prescribed by the doctor as 50% of UC was cured by the change in diet.

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