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Case Study No: 83 | Ulcerative Colitis - Mukesh Sharma

Mukesh Sharma that had Ulcerative Colitis that had tuned Chronic

Mukesh Sharma felt the initial pangs when he was in his teens in the year 2006, or 2007. He couldn't digest his food properly and felt the cramps in his abdomen. He told his parents about it and his mom took him to a local doctor in Pathankot. The doctor recommended him CBC test and gave him certain medicines that will improve his digestion and bring him relief, but these proved futile. His frequency of stools enhanced to 10, 12 times a day and due to which he felt very irritable.

As Pathankot is not famous in medical fields & technologies, his dad asked him to visit his (uncle's place in Chandigarh along with his mom and get a proper medication. He too thought the same way and left the next day and came to Chandigarh along with his mom. Chandigarh, The City Beautiful has a renowned Multi Speciality Hospital which is popularly known for their medical facilities, for all kind of treatments. His uncle along with his mom took him to visit the hospital run by government. And There doctors did his colonoscopy test and as a result diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). The doctor said, "It's a long term disease and you have to be given steroids to curb this disease, but don't worry as it is the only treatment that we find suitable in such a condition."

"They have no choice except agreed upon but pleaded for fast recovery as he has to spend half of his day in washroom due to which his studies are getting affected adversely as well" The doctor gave him some medicines and asked him to come back after a week's time. They left for home and started the course of medication. But instead of providing relief the condition has got worse as bleeding started whenever I poop and blood in poop is a scary sight. His medication extended from week to month to a year, but the pangs increased. He used to cry while passing stools as he felt extreme pain, but his mom used to console him that this time the doctor will prescribe some other medicine and he will get fine very soon. The doctor kept changing the medicines and giving one excuse or another kept assuring them that this time he will find relief that never materialized, which was very disappointing.

His mom contacted his dad and asked him, "Now what to do? Where shall I take him to as the symptoms seem to enhance every time?" "You leave that hospital and better go to some private hospital, there are many in Chandigarh and Mohali" (a sub-town adjoining Chandigarh). She did exactly but ultimately all failed as he was becoming thinner and weak. He never felt the urge to go outside and play like all the teenagers do. But he started feeling lethargic and mostly stayed indoors.

"Now what, even the private hospitals are making us scared that he will have to take these medicines throughout his life, I did not know and was unable to understand his disease which has become more horrible than AIDS" his mom asked his dad. Some of their relatives suggested that they can give a try to visit an Ayurvedic expert, Ayurveda might have a cure. They went to meet an Ayurvedic expert in Chandigarh who assured them that Ayurveda has treated many people with the same problems and gave them some remedies, but all of them were also worthless.

Now even he was losing his trust in everybody as he hasn't been getting the appropriate results he wanted. Neither he could've stopped taking medicines as doctors clearly told him about the consequences if in case he quit medication which he has been taking, and nor he felt like taking them(medicines) as they never did provide him any benefits. He seemed to be stuck in a time warp. He felt humiliated and mad as hell and felt puzzled to know the reason that no medicine was proving to be effective for him.

He continued suffering for last 10 long years and in 2016 the 4G net had become accessible to almost everyone and he has been trying to find a remedy that can cure him or reduce his symptoms. One day while surfing YouTube he saw a video of a patient of UC (Ulcerative colitis) getting a permanent cure from Planet Ayurveda. He kept on surfing and found many more videos of UC patients praising an Ayurvedic expert, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. All seemed to get fine after a few months. He showed some of the videos to his mom and she said, "But haven't you already tried Ayurvedic remedies earlier? It might be a complete wastage of time & money." "But mom, all these patients are getting treatment and feeling elated after that. Not everybody has the same knowledge, let's give them a chance, if their remedies are ineffective, I'll never bother you to take me anywhere, mom please," he pleaded. "But first all better check their authenticity," his mom asked, which he did.

Planet Ayurveda is such a clinic that heals by age-old remedies, in a modern way. It is located in Mohali, a stone's throw from Chandigarh and it is managed by a highly qualified, experience holder, talented, and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who has a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic world. Both are the gold medalist in their fields. All the remedies that are designed and crafted in their premises to rectify various different diseases are at first tested in a modern & technically impeccable lab to check their authenticity, if found organic or natural, only then they are used otherwise discarded there and then, without hearing any kind of excuses. All the medicines are produced under the keen eyes of this honest & professional pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is flourishing and getting popular like a shot both nationally and internationally.

He contacted them and a lady answered his phone in a very polite manner, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" He began in a sobbing way, "Ma'am, I am suffering from UC and the trouble is that I am unable to trace a medicine that can rectify my condition and yesterday I watched many of your YouTube videos that depict many patients of UC getting healed. Is it true? or just a publicity stunt, ma'am I am sorry if I am being rude, but I have lost the trust and has been suffering since a decade." "Cheer up sir, but don't you worry, you have reached the safest place as all our videos on YouTube are genuine, do they look fake? Come to us as soon as possible and we will definitely heal you," was the reply. After gaining some confidence he further narrated, "Thanks ma'am, when can I see the doctor?" "Today will not be possible, you can come tomorrow and the clinic opens at 9:30 am and the doctors serve on first come first serve basis, but better make sure to bring in all the case study related to your disease, all the prescriptions by various doctors and lab test reports and the Ayurvedic prescriptions too and where are you calling from?" she asked. "Basically I belong to Pathankot but right now I am in Chandigarh," he answered. "You have the address?" she questioned. "Yeah ma'am Could you please provide me the help with your clinic address" he said. "It's actually situated on the airport road," she said and their conversation concluded.

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The very next day he and his mom reached at 9:15 am and were impressed with the collection of patients coming from far off places. They also sat down along with them and waited for their turn that came around 2:00 pm and both entered the doctor's room and after some formal greetings they showed all the papers related to his disease. He kept narrating his own history that the doctor listened very carefully while examining his papers. After that he said, "You have already suffered a lot, but I need to be sure that you will alter your diet plan, eat the foods I prescribe and avoid some items and take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack from our pharmacy. Do report it to me after a month." "I certainly will doctor, how long will it take to terminate it fully?" The doctor replied, "It all depends upon the body as everybody has a different body constitution, you can get well within a week or might take months, but I am certain that this remedy will not go beyond 9 months and do tell me the moment you feel any effect, doesn't matter if it is beneficial or a handicap." "Sure sir, I definitely will," and bid the doctor goodbye.

They came to the pharmacy located within those green premises and bought their pack and left. "Hope this time it shows some effect," his mother sighed. "Mom this time I think I have hit the bull's eye," and he felt elated. He began his medication the same day but the first 10 days no (improvement was seen, but that lull after a storm came and showed results in such a fast pace that even he was pleasantly surprised by the positive effects. The bleeding and pain ceased after 15 days and after a month he came to Planet Ayurveda in an upbeat mood. He was feeling eager beaver and his grin from ear to ear said it all. Even he was ready to shoot a video for our YouTube and was feeling on top of the world and expressed his gratitude towards doctor who had healed him within such a short span of time, just a month and eradicated a decade chronic illness.

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