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Case Study No: 85 | Ulcerative Colitis - Navdeep Kaur

Navdeep Kaur, Couldn't get the cure from Ulcerative Colitis even in UK

Navdeep Kaur basically belongs to Patiala, the royal city that is famous for having Punjabi University, 3rd famous Rajendra Medical College and NIS (National Institute of Sports). She got married to a citizen of England and now lives over there running a business and stays at Liverpool, the city is famous for having a Liverpool soccer team with their red clothing. She suffered from loose motions initially in 2015 with a frequency of 10 stools a day and visited a doctor and had no idea what had gone wrong with her. She used to feel her whole body aching very badly, especially her back that didn't let her sleep soundly.

The doctor did her colonoscopy test & Sigmoidoscopy test that revealed that she is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC). But the doctor asked her not to be afraid of anything as there is a treatment of ulcerative colitis that will heal her very soon, but also forewarned her that this disease takes its own time to heal fully. He gave her lots of medicines and asked her to follow his prescriptions and report back after a week. These medicines had such a meager effect that was not visible and she complained the same to her doctor. The doctor said, "Didn't I tell you that this disease takes its toll before healing. You need not worry, I'll change some medicines and these will certainly show some effect."

She left the clinic thinking that this time it will cause some effects, but these medicines reacted in the opposite ways, enhancing her frequency of stools going up to 25 times a day, the pain in the body also increased and bleeding also began coming out with stools, scaring her so much that she felt a chill run down her spine. These medicines had just multiplied her trouble and she never knew what had gone wrong as never had smoked, drink any alcoholic products or taken any stale food products. Was it that her luck had run out or what? She felt so depressed that she used to stand at her business place and cry a lot. People passing by used to ask her frequently, what was wrong with her? Was she suffering losses in business or any trouble with her health, to which she had no answer.

Sometimes she used to visit the toilet after every 5 minutes and used to feel an acute pain throughout her body. She used to get frustrated so much and anger used to reach a peak level and had a number of quarrels with her husband for no reason at all. The whole family was disturbed by her disease. A specialist of Gastroenterology warned her that she needs to have these medicines throughout her life now and she need not stop doing that as she can face more complex situations. She felt helpless and was also facing some side effects of these medicines, the worst being depression, she was always under stress and thinking that what was happening to her body as her symptoms were enhancing further, and she even felt her hair loss making her more frustrated. Hair loss to a young lady is her worst nightmare.

She was angry all the time because of this disease and agony associated with it. She felt so perplexed that she felt her nerves freeze and draining her power to think sensibly. Her mind was filled with negative thoughts making her think that she is going nuts and sometimes she used to behave crazily. But after sometime when the condition of her disease settled down a bit she tried to remain calm, which was almost impossible in her case, so that she begins thinking about trying to trace a cure in the other medical lines like, homeopathy, Ayurveda, acupressure etc. She began searching for some other remedy that can heal her. She checked many websites claiming to heal UC but she was never impressed by their quality. One day she watched the video of a patient of UC who was suffering from 8 long years and found the cure in just a few months from Planet Ayurveda. That patient seemed genuine and not looked like a publicity stunt. She did watch many more videos of UC patients getting the treatment done from Planet Ayurveda and all seemed genuine. Even she felt her soul cry to her that said give them a chance to prove their worth. Their medicines are simple and carry no side effects.

By now it is a well-known fact that Planet Ayurveda relies on the quality and not quantity. Pair of highly qualified, experienced, renowned and talented Ayurvedic doctors runs the show, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his respected wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan is a gold medalist recognized by the Ayurvedic council of India. They produce all medicines within their premises after gauging their authenticity in a modern lab. If found natural or organic they are used otherwise shunted there and then without hearing any excuses. This is the reason why their quality is showing an upward trend always. Planet Ayurveda is blossoming as the flowers blossom in spring, giving Fragrance.

Her dad and brother were still living in Patiala, which is about 65 kilometers from the HQ of Planet Ayurveda. She told the story in detail and asked them to contact them and get the medicine for just 1 month as she wanted to be sure that they can diminish her UC. Both contacted at Planet Ayurveda and they were asked to bring all reports and clinic prescriptions of the number of doctors that were related to her UC by a politely speaking lady.

Both visited Planet Ayurveda and felt gratitude after seeing a huge rush of patients in that Ayurvedic clinic. There were some foreigners too. They were asked to wait as the doctors served on first come first serve basis. Their turn came at 2:30pm and both went to the doctor's room and stated the case. They even showed their whatsapp images of various tests done by the labs and clinics in UK. The doctor also heard her history before providing an Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and certain diet recommendations that needed to be followed correctly. "When will it show any effect doctor?' her brother asked. "It can show effects in a week or a month, but will if she follows the diet tips strictly, otherwise these medicines are of no use" replied the doctor.

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Both went to the pharmacy that is located within the premises and took the pack and sends the pack and the diet chart to Liverpool by a courier. She received it in a few days and began following it precisely. After a month when she saw her symptoms showing a downward trend she again asked her brother to send me another one and he did exactly that. She kept repeating this order and after 8-9 months emerged at Planet Ayurveda herself with a million thanks to Dr. Vikram Chauhan and was also insisted in shooting a video for Youtube and also wanted Dr. Vikram Chauhan to come in the video. She just had a simple message for all sufferers of UC, never go in for a modern medical treatment, but better run after Planet Ayurveda which has a history of eradicating hundreds of UC patients that went home after getting healed fully. Her medicines are finished now and she is enjoying the life more profusely.

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