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Case Study No: 80 | Ulcerative Colitis - Neeti

Neeti, a small child from Jabalpur had Ulcerative colitis and was treated by Ayurveda

Jabalpur formerly called Jubbulpore, these spellings left after 2006. It is one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. It is popular for having Dhuandhar Falls and the white marble rocks at Bhedaghat. A belief goes that the game of snooker was invented in this city. Neeti, a small kid who is just 6, 7 year old had this horrible disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC). It all began around a year ago that she had a mild fever and diarrhea. Her parents took her to a child specialist. He prescribed some medicines and her fever and diarrhea subsided in a few days.

But it was a lull before the storm, all these symptoms flared up after 2 months. Diarrhea recurred along with loose stools accompanied by pus and blood. She used to spend a lot of time in the toilet and cry. Her mom used to accompany her during the day and she felt helpless when these medicines had no effect on her. Her dad Mr. Vipul, who couldn't see his daughter suffering so much, took her to Nagpur as someone has suggested a renowned hospital that did her colonoscopy again and proceeded with the cure after its report was received. These medicines had a meager effect that was not visible and she used to cry a lot and her mom also used to sob as they couldn't find a remedy that can cure her fully. Their doctor explained, "Look Mr. Vipul, she has such a disease that can be dealt by steroids only, but she is too young to intake steroids, so we are also feeling helpless." The doctor seemed to surrender, but not her dad.

He got her discharged and took her to Ahmedabad in Gujarat, a city that is believed to have some of the best with medical facilities. They got her admitted in a renowned hospital that also did her colonoscopy test to make more money. Her dad was ready to do anything for his daughter. They also proceeded with their medicines, but finding little relief. Her symptoms remained the same and her health was deteriorating day by day. She was losing weight and her appetite had become minimum, she never ever wanted to eat anything. Her dad never said die and fortune favors the brave, he kept sitting on the bed and tried to find a remedy that can cure her. He searched the internet to find a cure in any medical or acupressure ways.

One day while watching Youtube videos he banged into a patient's video that got cured from UC that lingered on her for 6 years and she had nothing else to say, but was praising a particular Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda. But after he has visited so many different cities he wanted to be sure. He clicked on finding Ayurvedic treatments for UC and found hundreds of patients with UC finding a cure with Planet Ayurveda Ayurvedic treatment. They all seemed genuine and none looked fake or acting. He did show some videos with his wife and she encouraged him, "Give them a chance, let's try their medicine, both you and Neeti can fly over there," she sounded positive.

In fact Planet Ayurveda is owned and run by a highly qualified, experienced, talented and reputed pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. All the medicines that are made by Planet Ayurveda come from absolutely authentic herbs that are grown in natural or organic ways. All the raw material it receives is first of all checked in a modern lab. If detected that this raw material is not grown in natural or organic conditions the whole quota is rejected without hearing any kind of excuses. Its reputation is growing day by day and it has earned a solid name by now.

He got their number from the internet and contacted a sweetly speaking lady and said that he wanted to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan and narrated the story of his daughter, who was suffering so much since the last year. The lady asked him to come as soon as possible as the doctor was leaving for going abroad next month. He said that he was bringing her then only as the family will come by flying and he can even charter a plane. The lady asked him to bring all the lab reports and clinic reports that he has visited regarding his daughter's UC. She also told him that the clinic opens at 9:30 am. So he took out his mobile and booked a twin seat from Bhopal to New Delhi and also from New Delhi to Chandigarh and also booked an Uber cab that will help reach the HQ of Planet Ayurveda.

Both boarded the flight the day after tomorrow from New Delhi airport early in the morning that reached Chandigarh at 7:30 am and an Uber taxi man was waiting in the arrival room with a board on which his name was written. Both reached near him and showed his identity card and asked him, "Where is sector 82, I mean how far is it from here?" "Very near sir, just 8, 9 kms from here," the taxi man replied. Both reached the HQ and waited for it to open outside its green premises. After sometime around 8 am the people started gathering, impressing the duo.

The doors of the clinic opened at 8 am and both were the first to enter. "When do the doctors arrive?" Mr. Vipul asked the security person sitting at the entrance door. "The staff arrives before 9:30am sir, and the doctors arrive a little late," was his reply. Both sat down in the room that had AC in it making the temperature of the room cool down. The staff arrived a little before 9:30am and he went to the receptionist and introduced himself and asked, "I was the first to arrive here so book my number accordingly and when will the doctors arrive?" The lady asked him to wait as the doctors will arrive pretty soon. They waited till 11 am and saw the arrival of the pair of doctors and were ushered in the doctor's room first.

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After the initial introduction, he showed all the related papers of his daughter to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who scanned them keenly and asked him to narrate her history. It wasn't much as she was too young and after hearing it the doctor turned to Mr. Vipul, "Look, sir, you need to keep a strict watch on her diet, here is a list of foods that she has to eat and avoid." He handed Mr. Vipul the list and also added, "Now you need to purchase Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack from our pharmacy that is opposite the entrance of my room and take care of the prescriptions that I have mentioned here, OK?" He also asked them to keep reducing the dosage that she had been taking, gradually as an abrupt end might cause adverse effects on her body. "Sure doc I will, but for how long she has to eat it doc?" he asked. "Not long she can get fine in a month or may be 6 months, but her symptoms will begin reducing in the first month and please call up my number if the medicine puts any effect, and don't worry this medicine doesn't have any side effects," smiling he bid them goodbye.

Both came out and bought the pack from their pharmacy and left again by calling an Uber cab and went straight to the airport where he already had booked a flight. After a few hours both reached Bhopal and from there in their own car to Jabalpur. After a month both again came to Planet Ayurveda and his dad was feeling grateful to the doctor as she was more than 90% fine. It was visible from her bodily structure and she had gained some weight too. When asked about it her dad, Mr. Vipul replied, "The first time when I got her here she was just 10kg and now her weight become 17.5kg." He felt smitten by the treatment. Even Nitti was smiling from ear to ear. The doctor had asked him to continue having the same medicine for another month and stop having any medicine after that. Now she has started going to school once again," he was answering very cheerfully.

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