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Case Study No: 79 | Ulcerative Colitis - Pradeep Pandey

Mr. Pandey, didn't get any cure for Ulcerative Colitis even in the capital

Mr. Pradeep Pandey was a healthy man working in the capital of India, New Delhi. New Delhi is famous for having enormous medical facilities to cure anything. He used to eat all sorts of things such as packed food, chips and soft drinks that are present in the market abundantly. He never could think that anything wrong can happen to his body. But it did, when he got his motions loose, which were accompanied by a heavy bleeding. He went to a doctor and the doctor after observing his symptoms, did his colonoscopy test. He asked him to come back after 3, 4 days when the colonoscopy report would be ready. The doctor gave him a few capsules to reduce his motions.

After a few days he went back to the doctor and said, "I didn't find any relief from the capsules and what does my report say, hope there is nothing serious?" "It's not serious, but is a little complex situation. Actually, you are suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and this disease is like diabetes, you can control it, but cannot eradicate it completely as modern science is yet to find a permanent solution of it," the doctor replied. Mr. Pandey became perplexed and said, "You mean to say that you don't possess a medicine that can reduce my bleeding or motions?" The doctor replied calmly, "I never said that, but you have to take these medicines for your life time, but there is no time limit that your disease can be eradicated completely. This disease takes its own time to heal. You might get fine within a month, but as prevention is always better than cure, keep taking these medicines for your remaining life."

"OK," said Mr. Pandey, "I don't know how I got this horrible disease and this is worse than AIDS where you know how much time you have and here everything is in suspense." He got up and left after paying the fees to that doctor. He bought the medicines from a chemist and reached home in a dreary mood. His wife was also curious to know what the matter was and asked, "What was it?" And he narrated the whole story and she sank down on the bed after touching her head with a hand and said, "Oh my God, what sort of a disease is it that doesn't have a permanent cure."

Mr. Pandey did begin his medication as prescribed, and his stools did reduce initially to 10, 12 times a day but the bleeding never did stop. After about 2 months he noticed mucus also coming with the blood and he rang up the doctor and asked him any cure by the steroids or something like that and the doctor replied that the medicines he is taking already has some steroids in them and they do cause some side effects and due to which mucus comes out. Mr. Pandey had nothing else to say and began cursing his own luck.

He was getting frustrated and used to become irritable whenever his wife asked him about anything. He used to reply angrily and shout back. If their only son would be present in the house, he used to cry and Mr. Pandey used to realize his mistake and began consoling him. But he was an educated person and he took out his 4G mobile and began searching a cure for his terrible disease on the internet. After about 2, 3 days he saw a video of a person that did find the treatment in an Ayurvedic way from Planet Ayurveda. He couldn't believe his ears when he heard from that patient that he had suffered from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) for almost 10 long years and got healed completely within 9 months.

He took his mobile and reached near his wife and said, I've found a cure for my disease, look," and showed her the video. "But it might be a publicity stunt, better check this company's authenticity and then proceed," she replied. Even he got suspicious and began searching for more patients with UC getting the cure from Planet Ayuveda and found many. All were just praising the pair of Ayurvedic doctors that run the show, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan.

Planet Ayurveda is actually managed by this highly qualified, talented, experienced and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors. It produces all the medicines itself that have the raw material of natural or organic herbs. First all the raw material is checked in a tech-savvy lab, if any, material is detected not natural or organic, the whole quota is rejected without hearing any kind of excuses. That's the reason why it is getting popular all over the globe.

Mr. Pandey contacted them after finding their phone number from the internet and a sweet sounding lady answered the phone, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" He narrated his whole story and asked when he can visit there as he was very much in a hurry to get rid of his disease as he had begun losing weight now. She gave him the appointment day and asked him to bring in all the reports of his tests and clinics that he had visited regarding his UC and told him that the clinic opens at 9:30 am.

The whole family arrived from New Delhi in the summer of 2017, June 2017 to be precise. All were impressed after seeing hoards of people at the clinic and felt enchanted to come here. The whole family waited for their turn and sat in the AC room. They were called into the doctor's room around 1 pm. After the initial greetings he showed his papers to the doctor, who scanned them keenly and asked him to narrate his own history. When he finished telling his own story the doctor said, "Look Mr. Pandey, this UC can only be cured fully if you keep a diet control and have our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack." He handed him a list of foods that he needs to eat a lot and the food items he had to refrain from having any.

Curious to know something, he asked, "Sir, how long will it take to find the cure?" "I don't know anything about that, but you will get cured and it will not exceed 9 months that is sure, and these medicines don't have any side effects," replied the doctor.

Watch the Video of This Patient

They came to the pharmacy and took this pack and left immediately as he wanted to reach New Delhi during the day time. In the first month the medicine didn't show any effect and he began thinking that he has been cheated and rang up the doctor who asked him to have patience and continue having the same remedy and this month it will definitely show some positive effects. He got the medicine from a New Delhi based authorized distributor of Planet Ayurveda. The medicine did show its effects as his bleeding almost stopped, just happened in the first week and once during the month, mucus stopped completely and the stools also reduced. Gaining confidence he ordered the same for the 3rd month.

The whole family visited Planet Ayurveda HQ in October 2017 and were feeling extremely happy and wanted to thank the doctor who had made his stools, reduced to about 2, 3 times a day and he felt 90% fine. The doctor asked him to stop having any medicine after 2 months. Even he shot a video praising Planet Ayurveda for healing completely in such a humble way.

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