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Case Study No: 50 | Ulcerative Colitis - Pradeep

Pradeep Tried Various Medical Line But Could Not Treat His Ulcerative Colitis

Pradeep is a native of a village that falls under the jurisdiction of Azamgarh district in UP and was enjoying his youth. One day he felt mucus and blood coming out along with his stools. He consulted a doctor and got treated. Blood and mucus stopped and he became fine and remained calm for 1 or 2 months and the symptoms returned putting him back on square one. This procedure kept repeating for 2 to 3 years and he felt something bad about his body.

He came to the city and consulted a doctor. The doctor sensed trouble and got his colonoscopy test done. It revealed that he was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC). "Do you have the medicine that can cure it?" he asked the doctor. "Yep we do have cure but it might take a month or two to heal you completely," the doctor replied. "No matter, but I have to get healed," Pradeep said and got the medicine that proved to be totally useless and failed miserably as these had a negligible effect on his health. He felt the symptoms enhancing as he had lost his appetite and never had the urge to eat anything. And this is the prime period of age when the hunger is at the peak. But his hunger had died down.

When these medicines had no effect, he decided to change the treatment line and went to a Homeopathic doctor and began having his medicines. Even these proved to be a sequel to the earlier medicines. But he was a young man who doesn't give up so easily. After taking these Homeopathy medicines for 2, 3 months he came back to Azamgarh and traced an Ayurvedic doctor. The Ayurvedic charged hefty fees and gave him the medicine for 3 months and said that Ayurveda will prove to be too good for his UC. He kept having the Ayurvedic medicines but these too proved to be ineffective. He didn't feel any difference in his stools even after eating the Ayurvedic medicines for 3 months at a stretch.

Now he was losing temper quite often due to the frustration he had started feeling. He had tried all 3 medical lines but none provide him any kind of cure. Now he was perplexed and didn't know what to do next. One day a relative of his came to their house and said, "Azamgarh is not the place where you can do the treatment of such a horrible disease; better go to a place like Varanasi that has better medical facilities." Even he felt that this relative is saying the right thing and he opted and visited Varanasi. There the doctors performed all the tests again and said to him, "Look sir you have UC and our medical science has yet to find a permanent cure for this disease. But we do have the medicines that can cure it occasionally otherwise you need to take these medicines regularly throughout your life time to avoid your UC getting deteriorated and causing further trouble."

"OK doctor," he replied very meekly and began his medication from that Varanasi doctor. But when he was still under treatment he used to search the net to find a cure for UC or some foods that can at least reduce its symptoms. One day on YouTube he saw a video of a man who was just admiring Planet Ayurveda who was successful in eradicating his disease of UC. But how can that be possible, even he had tried Ayurvedic medicines but they also failed to heal him. But his friend suggested that all the fingers of a hand are not the same. Something in his mind told him that such slight gestures might heal him and he decided to go there all alone.

Basically Planet Ayurveda is an esteem clinic of Ayurvedic studies that have earned a name for itself by producing such medicines that are extracted from natural or organic grown plants. First they check the lot coming there for making various medicines in a sound lab. If some material is found neither natural nor organic they reject the whole lot. Planet Ayurveda relies heavily on the quality of its products as it is maintained by a highly qualified pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. They keep their keen eyes on production and packing and see carefully while dispatching the packs. Most of the orders come online and Planet Ayurveda is spreading its wings at a high speed all over the globe.

After noting down their number from their website he dialed their number and a politely speaking lady picked up the phone and said how Planet Ayurveda can help you? He narrated the whole story and said that he has tried the Ayurvedic medicines earlier also that have proved to be ineffective for him. She wanted him to visit their clinic once and see the difference with his own eyes. "OK when shall I come?" he asked and the lady replied in a humble way, "Umm……let me check," after checking her diary she gave him the day and asked him to get along all the papers of various lab reports, hospital slips and everything else related to his UC. She also asked him to come at 9:30am, the time when the clinic opens and the doctors served on first come first serve basis.

On that day he reached Chandigarh by 8am and at Planet Ayurveda HQ around 9am. He was thinking that he has reached so early so he will get free by 11am and was surprised to see the hoards of people waiting inside their premises. He also sat with them and the staff arrived at 9:30am and he got himself registered. His name was called in a loud voice and was ushered in the doctor's room at around 1pm. He went into the room and greeted the doctor before sitting down. He presented the papers to the doctor who scanned them with full attention. The doctor asked about Pradeep's own history that he narrated honestly and the doctor kept scribbling some medicines on a sheet of a paper and after both finished, said the doctor, "You need to take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take them according to the prescriptions, here," and showed him the slip and continued, "You also have to take this diet chart that states which food to eat and which to avoid," he picked up a sheet of printed paper and gave it to him that he kept it in his file neatly. The doctor also asked him to keep reporting every month and bid him goodbye.

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He went straight to the pharmacy and left the premises after buying the pack. After a month he turned up again and told the doctor that he has become totally fine and the doctor also felt the same way and asked him to stop eating the medicine but just stick to the diet recommended by him. But Pradeep insisted to give the medicine for another one month as he felt hooked to it. It has happened as a miracle that he got healed from a disease that came in 2015, stayed for 4 years and vanished within a month. Absolutely magical!

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