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Case Study No: 88 | Ulcerative Colitis - Prakash

Mr. Prakash, He trusted Ayurveda to heal his Ulcerative Colitis

Mr. Prakash basically belongs to India and lives in Kenya, in East Africa. He has his own business over there and his luck ran out the day he suffered from Ulcerative Colitis (UC). In the beginning he only suffered with loose motions and took a medicine which he thought, could cure them, what usually most of the people do and forgot all about it as his motion were suppressed for the time being. But the catastrophe had just begun. After a few days he felt the same way and he took the same pill, but this time the motions were more severe and he thought for visiting some renowned doctor of the city he lived in.

He visited the doctor and the doctor after taking his medical history suspected UC and suggested colonoscopy test, which confirmed it. "What's that, and who is responsible for causing it?" asked Mr. Prakash to doctor. "Well there are many factors responsible for causing it like our life style, the food we eat, spicy food, drinking alcohol etc. And it can happen to anyone at any time," the doctor replied. "You mean it can't be healed in short period as I am having trouble in running my business and feeling demented as I have to visit the toilet at any time, don't you have a medicine that at least can reduce my stools frequency?" he further wanted to know. "OK fine, I'll give you some medicine, which is laced with steroids and might have some kind of side effects, but steroids are the only effective cure for UC," the doctor stated.

He had no other choice and bought the medicines and headed straight to his home as he was once again feeling the urge to visit the toilet. The moment he reached home, his wife inquired, "What was it? Are you having any normal infection or something serious?" "Excuse me I'll reply after coming back from the toilet," he replied and rushed to the toilet. When he came back he could see her stressed face and narrated her whole story. "But the steroids effects are sometimes drastic," she said. "Do I have a choice? And there is no medicine that is available for curing UC," he answered. He continued having these medicines that showed a little effect in the beginning but proved ineffective later. After a few months he went to the same doctor and questioned their credibility.

The doctor scared him further that no medicine has been discovered yet that has a cure for UC. "It is like diabetes, you can only keep it under control, but you can't heal it completely. Now you have to take these medicines throughout your life time," stated the doctor. "What if I stop having these medicines?" asked Mr. Prakash. "Then don't blame me when you will engulf more complications, are you ready for that?" he further questioned him. He returned with a dreary mood. The doctor had torn his heart out.

He continued having the medicines and after a year or so he felt the bleeding also began, the doctor said that these are the signs of advancing UC. The bleeding used to happen occasionally but the stools had enhanced in frequency to about 20 to 25 times a day. He was feeling frustrated and it was on his wife suggestion that he can find some other medical line that can help him in coming out of this chronic situation. At least he trusted the ancient Indian science, Ayurveda and he searched the net to find some expert doctor of Ayurveda who could cure him. While surfing YouTube, one day he saw the video of a person whose UC was cured by Planet Ayurveda. The patient looked genuine and not a publicity stunt. He went on to watch more such videos and many patients of UC had found the cure at Planet Ayurveda and were just praising a particular doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He searched the net more to check their authenticity.

Planet Ayurveda is a fantastic Ayurvedic clinic and is managed by an association of Ayurvedic expert doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. These associated doctors are extremely qualified, has lots of experience, talented and holds a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic science world. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan is the gold medalist in her course. People come in hoards from all quarters of the world to their clinic with their various diseases of different kinds and find a complete treatment. All the medicines prepared by this impeccable clinic are judged by their quality in a very modern and tech-savvy lab. The raw material used to produce medicines is first checked. If it comes from natural & organic herbs then only it is being used and if found these herbs are not naturally grown, all the quota is straight away dismissed without hearing any sort of excuses. Public these days are shifting from allopathic methods, which carry lots of side effects, to the authentic Ayurvedic system of medicine that treat naturally and carry no side effects. Planet Ayurveda relies on quality rather than quantity.

He contacted them immediately and stated his problems. The doctor asked him to send all the reports on WhatsApp number, all the labs and clinics that he has visited relating to UC. And after a few moments rang him back and had a long conversation and the doctor asked him lots of questions and altered his diet and asked him to collect Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack that he can order online and it will be delivered to him on his door step in a few days. He did just that and the doctor wished him best of luck.

Watch the Video of This Patient

After about 13, 14 days he again rang up Planet Ayurveda number and was all praises for the Dr. Vikram Chauhan, "Oh sir, it was a total magical medicine, I could feel my symptoms started reducing after 10 days and the bleeding that used to occur occasionally has completely cured. I did trust the Ayurveda ways but had to trust someone who did produce pure medicines, now I have total faith with Planet Ayurveda. It's absolutely superb. I'll remain indebted to it if it cures me fully." "Don't worry sir, now you know why we rely more on quality and just have some patience and carry this remedy and you will get full recovery very soon," said the doctor.

He did take the same remedy and after 2 months he himself landed at Planet Ayurveda and was grinning from ear to ear. He even recorded a video that was later uploaded on YouTube. He said that "Planet Ayurveda promises nothing," But delivers everything!

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