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Case Study No: 71 | Ulcerative Colitis - Ram Chander Parihar

Ram Chander Parihar, came all the way from Rajasthan to find a cure

Ram Chander Parihar, a young man hails from Jodhpur, a renowned district of the royal state Rajasthan in India. Jodhpur is famous among the tourists of both foreign and domestic because it has many palaces but now converted into luxury hotels. It is built near the Thar Desert and is famous as Blue city or Sun City. Around 10 years ago, when Mr. Ram Chander was in his teens he suffered from loose motions. Like it's usually done, he took a pill from a local pharmacist and his stools subsided.

His symptoms flared up again after a few days and the same pill proved to be ineffective. He visited a renowned local doctor who sensed trouble and asked him to get a colonoscopy test done that will clear the picture and he will provide medicine accordingly. He went to a lab and got his colonoscopy test done. The owner of the lab asked him to come after 4 days to get the report. He came back home and was feeling very uncomfortable due to cramps in his abdominal area. He spent the next 4 days in turmoil and after getting the report he showed it to the doctor who studied his report carefully and said, "I knew it, actually you are suffering from a rare disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and is a unique disease that lingers on for a long time and you have to take medicines may be for life time."

"What?" he was absolutely stunned, "I have never eaten any wrong food, nor do I smoke or drink, how can I get such a disease?" "That's not the case," the doctor explained, "There are many other factors like change in life style, number of spices we take daily, packaged foods and even soft drinks can cause it." "What now? Do you have a medicine or shall I go to another doctor?" asked Ram Chander. The doctor was not the one who gives up so early and told him that he did have a medicine but it needs to be taken for a long time and asked, "Are you ready to do that?" "Do I have a choice, but any guesses that how long, it might take to get cured," said Ram Chander a little meekly.

The doctor encouraged him, "Don't lose hope, cheer up, it can be cured fully within a fortnight but only if the luck is on your side or…"he trailed off. Ram Chander had no alternative so he got his medicines and began taking as prescribed and in his mind he was praying to God that please heal his disease soon. But these medicines provided him no relief. The doctor began changing the medicines after every fortnight and encouraging him to see their effects, but all had very negligible results. After a year or so he got fed up as no medicine was showing any effect, he decided to change the doctor and after having a word with his relatives went to Jaipur, the pink city and the capital of Rajasthan and thought that the doctors over there might had a cure.

The doctors of Jaipur also began the procedure the same way that was started by Jodhpur doctors. First the colonoscopy test, then medicines, but even these medicines had adverse effects, making his stools red in color as blood has also started oozing out along with the stools whose frequency at that time was around 10- 12 times a day. He even visited New Delhi, but didn't get any relief.

After about 4, 5 years his one dear friend asked him to change his treatment line and said, "Why don't you try something else like Homeopathy treatment. They can also cure you with so many remedies they have for almost all diseases." He gave up the modern medical treatment and went to a Homeopathic doctor at Delhi who assured him about a positive result. He began taking the Homeopathic medicines but even those proved to be futile. His condition was becoming from bad to worse and he was losing weight as he lost his appetite completely and he could imagine his end. He used to have bad nightmares and used to get horrified after seeing them. The whole family was suffering along with him.

Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining, one day one of his friends came to him and showed him a video on the YouTube that displayed a patient who had also suffered from UC for 8 years finding a cure from Planet Ayurveda. He seemed genuine and not sounded fake. These days internet is easily accessible on all 4G mobiles and he opened YouTube channel on his own mobile and began finding more about Planet Ayurveda.

Planet Ayurveda is an amazing clinic that deals with Ayurvedic medicines only and is run by a highly educated, renowned, reputed and elegant pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr, Meenakshi Chauhan, who has earned gold medal while perceiving her degree. They make medicines in their own premises and watch carefully the whole process while the production of medicines is done. They choose quality herbs that are grown in organic or natural ways. First all these herbs get checked in tech-savvy lab and if found anything faulty, they are straight away rejected without hearing any excuses. They even black list that firm supplying those herbs and never entertain it and break all ties, because they just rely on quality and not quantity. This is the reason, why it is getting famous at such a hectic pace, all over the globe.

He showed all these videos to his family and got their positive response as all they needed was a cure from this horrible disease. He found their landline number from their website and contacted them. A sweet sounding lady asked for his problems and assured the result will be a positive one. She also asked him to bring in all the papers that were with him along with his clinic prescriptions and reach Mohali before 9:30am, the time when the clinic opens. He immediately rang his friend who was doing a job in Chandigarh and stated his reason for visiting that place by train. His friend welcomed him and asks him by which train is he coming and he will receive him at the station.

He agreed and followed the procedure and reached Chandigarh and saw his friend and both hugged each other. While riding the bike to the place where he lived, Ram Chander told him about his visit and his friend assured that he already have taken a day's leave from his work and will accompany tomorrow to reach his destination.

Next day, both reached Planet Ayurveda HQ, and were delighted to see so many people already waiting for their turn, in the clinic's AC lounge. They also sat down and waited for their turn that came around 1:30pm. Both entered the doctor's room after a lady announced his name. After the greetings they were asked by a doctor to sit down and show the patient's papers that Ram Chander pushed a file towards the doctor and he studied it keenly and asked Ram Chander to tell his family history which he did honestly. After listening to his story he said, "Mr. Ram Chander, so you have been suffering from UC since a decade, let me tell you that UC can only be cured by Ayurveda and we use authentic medicines and I'll give you a diet chart that you have to follow strictly if you want to eradicate this UC. Take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and have it as I have prescribed on your slip here," and he showed him a slip, which Ram Chander pocketed after reading it.

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The doctor had also told him to intimate about the report after a month, good or bad whatever it is as he will change some medicine if these didn't have the expected effect. Both reached the pharmacy and got their pack and left Planet Ayurveda premises. The next day Ram Chander stayed at Chandigarh and left the next day. He reached home where the whole family was waiting for his return. He began his treatment and saw some positive effects happening in the first week only.

He again emerged at Planet Ayurveda and shot a video for YouTube where he had all praises for Dr. Vikram Chauhan as he was the person who is totally unique in providing treatment for a disease that lingered on his body for such a long time. The doctor asked him to get the same medicine for another 2 months to become fully normal. Now he was feeling 80% fine and no bleeding, the frequency of stools has come down from 14, 15 times a day to 6, 7 times day and he seemed absolutely delighted and urged all UC patients to come to Planet Ayurveda if they need an authentic cure.

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