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Case Study No: 77 | Ulcerative Colitis - Ram Chander

Ram Chander, all the way from Rajasthan got his Ulcerative Colitis Cured

Ram Chander is actually a young man who used to suffer from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) during his teens. One day he had suffered with loose motions and like everybody else he took a tablet from a local pharmacy and the stools reduced their frequency. He forgot all about it and got busy with his daily routine. After some days the motions again became lose and this time enhancing their frequency. The same pill proved to be useless and he panicked and visited a local doctor at Jodhpur, his native place.

The doctor sensing trouble did his colonoscopy test done and asked him to wait for a few days so that the test report will arrive and he will provide him the treatment accordingly. He gave him a few capsules and asked him to wait for 3, 4 days. After this initial period he went to the lab, collected his report and went to see the doctor again. After reading the report the doctor frowned a bit and he out of curiosity asked the doctor, "Is everything fine or complex, what is it doc?" "I feared this thing as this is not a complicated disease but is a disease that stays for long and how long it will stay only the God knows," replied the doctor. He again questioned the doctor, "What do you mean, you don't have a remedy that can heal me?" The doctor replied in a calm manner, "I never said that. We do have medicines that can heal it but sometimes this disease keeps lingering on for a long time, maybe your life time, but hope for the best. This medicine will certainly show some effects," he put some tablets and capsules in a paper bag and handed it over to him.

He reached home in a sad mood and his parents looking at him in a curious way asked, "What was it? I mean what are you suffering from?" He replied in a meek manner, "UC and the doctor said for how long I have to take medicine only god knows." He took the first dosage and felt a little heavy, his parents got busy with their routine work. But these medicines proved to have some adverse effects. Bleeding also started coming along with mucus when passing stools. The frequency of his stools also enhanced.

He decided to change the line of treatment and switched to homeopathy. He thought that the homeopathy will definitely cure him. He did spend lots of time and money on homeopathic treatment but the relief still eluded him. He was getting frustrated, that he has to eat all these medicines for a life time. He felt depression overtaking his mind and it blew a fuse in his mind. He used to lose temper for no particular reason and act angrily with his nears & dears. Slowly all his friends were getting away from him and he started feeling lonely, enhancing his stress level.

One day one of his dearest friends brought a video of a person who was singing praises for an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at a Planet Ayurveda. Even the video seemed genuine and shocked him. He was absolutely mesmerized by it and couldn't believe his eyes or ears. "There must be many more of such kind of videos, let's try watching them, "he uttered. And his friend typed Planet Ayurveda videos on YouTube and both saw thousands coming up. They saw many and were impressed by the outcome.

In fact his friend got the treatment for his UC from the Planet Ayurveda that just relies on the quality of medicines it makes. It never plays with the life of its patients as it checks all the herbal products that come here to produce various kinds of medicines are first tested in a modern lab. Do They come from the extraction of natural or organically grown trees and plants?. If any fault is found, the whole quota is rejected without waiting to hear any kind of excuses. Planet Ayurveda is actually managed by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Both watch keenly the production, packing and delivery of all medicines is done timely. This is the main cause that is making Planet Ayurveda a house hold name.

He obtained their phone number and decided to call them and ask for a remedy. He dialed their landline number and a lady picked up the phone and asked very politely how Planet Ayurveda can help him. He began telling his story and also narrated his story about the homeopathic treatment. She listened very carefully and after he had finished spoke very gently, "You need to bring in all the lab reports, the hospital slips and everything related to his disease along with you. The clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctor's served on first come first serve basis. So when are you coming?" she asked in the end. "Ma'am you grant me the time and I will be there," he sounded positive. "Better come on Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday of this month as the doctor is going abroad next month," she replied in the same manner. "Ok ma'am see you in a few days," and he cut the phone.

The next Tuesday he landed at Planet Ayurveda along with his file that had all his disease related papers. The moment he entered their premises he was totally mesmerized by the hoards of people brimming in their AC lounge. He went straight to the receptionist and introduced himself. She took out a slip and wrote his name on it and made him visit assistance of the doctor who wrote all his symptoms on the slip and asked him to wait for his turn in the lounge. After a few hours someone called his name loudly, "Ram Chander" and he got up from his seat and was ushered in the doctor's room.

After the initial greetings the doctor scanned his file carefully and asked him to narrate his history, which he did in an honest manner. Then the doctor turned towards him and said, "Mr. Ram Chander you need to take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take it like I have prescribed here," he pointed his index finger at the slip where his name was written. Then the doctor took out a printed sheet of paper from his drawer on which a number of foods were mentioned that should be eaten and foods to be avoided. "And here is a diet chart to be followed precisely," said the doctor. Ram Chander first studied the diet chart carefully and then kept it neatly along with other papers tucked in a file.

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He bid the doctor goodbye and headed straight to the pharmacy, bought his pack and left their premises. After having the medicines and the diets recommended by the doctor he got 80% fine within 2 months only. He himself was caught off guard by so many happenings in such a short time. His disease has lingered on for 7, 8 years and he was almost fine within 2 months. He came to Planet Ayurveda and insisted on making a video for YouTube urging all Ulcerative Colitis patients not to waste time anywhere else but come straight to Planet Ayurveda and get authentic treatment in such a short time.

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