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Case Study No: 81 | Ulcerative Colitis - RP Verma

An ex-military man's story about Ulcerative Colitis

Col. R. P. Verma is an ex-military man who has spent 30 years serving the nation, India. He is a native of Chandigarh and is now working as a general manager in a private company. After retiring from the army, in the year 2006 he and his wife decided to meet their son who had settled in the USA. Both went to the USA and it was only after a few days that col. Verma suffered from loose motions. At first he thought that it might be the change of environment, coming from India to the USA, that is causing these problems and he tried having some antibiotics. But instead of providing relief after 2, 3 days blood also started oozing out along with the stools.

But still he kept having some strong antibiotics that are easily available, but there was no relief. He continued to suffer for as long as he stayed in USA, dashing all their plans to watch various tourist attractions that do exist in plenty in USA. After some time they came back to India and he straight away went to a most popular hospital in Chandigarh. There he was directed to visit the head of the department of Gastroenterology. The head did his endoscopy test and Sigmoidoscopy test that diagnosed the disease to be Ulcerative colitis (UC). There was an ulcer in his large intestine as displayed by his Sigmoidoscopy.

"Now, what should be done? You have a medicine to cure it or shall I go to some other doctor?" asked the colonel. But the doctor was not going to give up so easily and stated, "Look colonel, this disease stays on for long time just like diabetes, but don't worry, I will try my best to remove it, but one thing is for sure, if it doesn't go then you have to take certain medicines for throughout your life." "But what kind of medicine do I have to take?" he again asked. This time the doctor displayed a stern look and said, "Look colonel, I have to prescribe some medicines that have steroids in them, but these will not cause severe side effects, the side effects can be minor but steroids are considered the safest in treating UC." "Ok, fine," the colonel answered almost in a husky voice.

The loose motions had enhanced in numbers to around 20 a day, so rather reluctantly he began having the medicines. After about a month his symptoms reduced and he began feeling relaxed. He called the doctor who asked him to stop having these medicines. He stopped and after a few days the symptoms re-emerged again and he began taking the medicines once again. Getting frustrated one day he asked the doctor, "What if I stop taking these medicines?" "Don't be a fool as it will create further troubles that you never dreamt of, now keep having these medicines as a precautionary measure, even when you get fine, OK?" Doctor forewarned.

This procedure kept going on for 8 long years. UC used to disappear and used to recur quite often during this period, putting him back on square one. It was on March 22, 2014 when he met a niece colleague of his and told her about his sufferings. She narrated her own story when she also suffered from the same disease and found the cure from Planet Ayurveda, which is situated in the sub town of Chandigarh, Mohali. She also told him about a site and asked him to watch a video. Colonel just did that and saw a man finding a cure from this disease and loudly praising an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Even he was impressed, so he watched many more.

It is a well- known fact by now that Planet Ayurveda is flourishing speedily. It is an Ayurvedic clinic that is healing a number of diseases in a natural and humble way of plenty of patients. The medicines that are prepared in the clinic's premises are absolutely herbal. All the herbs first get checked in a modern lab and if any herb is found not grown in a natural or organic way are straight away rejected, without hearing any kind of excuses. It is run by an extremely qualified, experienced, talented and reputed pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan.

The colonel contacted the receptionist on his mobile and a polite voice of a sweetly speaking lady answered in a positive manner and asked him to come after a few days. She also asked him to carry the previous reports of labs and clinics along with him. She also told him to reach early as the doctors served on first come first serve basis and the clinic opened at 9:30 am. He did promise as he had made a file of all medicines prescribed and lab reports. He arrived after some days and got out of his car. He was impressed by seeing a large number of patients waiting at their premises. Even he sat along with them in an AC room and waited for his own turn.

His call came around 2 pm and he went to the doctor' room. After the introductions he handed his file to the doctor who was surprised to find all slips pasted in the file since his visit to the USA in 2006. "You have made a very neat & clean file sir," said the doctor. "Sir, I am a retired colonel and the first thing they teach you when you join the army is discipline. I keep all the details in perfect order," said the colonel. The doctor asked him to narrate his own history and he began and the doctor paid great attention to it. After he was finished, he had some discussion with his wife and then turned to face the colonel and said, "Look col. Verma, you need to take Ulcerative colitis Care Pack and a list of foods that you have to eat and the foods that you have to avoid eating and sir do you have alcohol?" "I just love having it," was the reply. "But not anymore if you need a cure from this UC, I know it's a tough job, but you have to totally ban it", the doctor trailed off.

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"No problem doc, I have a strong willpower and I promise not to have single drop anymore," he answered with strong perseverance. "That's like a soldier," the doctor encouraged him further. He got up and went to the pharmacy located opposite the doctor's room and after doing the payment took the pack along. The doctor had also asked him to continue having the medicines that were prescribed by earlier doctors and reduce their dosage gradually and finish having them within a month and the colonel gave them up after a fortnight. That was the time he felt the symptoms had begun reducing. After 2, 3 months he rang the doctor and said he was 50 to 60% fine and the doctor said to continue with the same remedy unless he finds a total cure.

He surfaced at Planet Ayurveda in March 2015 and was absolutely lauding the doctor. "I am totally fine now, just passes the stool once a day and now even I am ready to upload a video on Youtube," he was showing lots of enthusiasm. Now he insists that whoever has UC just don't go for modern medical treatment but rely on ancient Ayurvedic ways. He currently has taken up another job of a general manager in a private company.

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