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Case Study No: 65 | Ulcerative Colitis - Sanjiv Kumar

Sanjiv Kumar, who found Ayurveda to be a lot better than Allopathy

Sanjiv Kumar felt to be in the funk the day he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). In most cases, UC begins with loose motions, but in this case, pus was also therewith loose motions. As Sanjiv Kumar belongs to Dera Bassi, a town that is very close to Chandigarh, he came straight to a renowned hospital and got his examination done. The doctor after observing the symptoms recommended him colonoscopy test for which he went to a lab and got it done. It confirmed that he was suffering from UC. He never knew how he got such a horrible disease. There are many factors that cause UC in any person at any time like having a bad lifestyle, spicy foods, packaged foods, alcoholic consumption, etc.

After the doctor narrated the basic features of this disease he asked the doctor, "So sir do you have a medicine that can cure me?" "Yes I do have, but this disease will take a little long in getting eradicated. It's like diabetes, you can control it but it's a bit hard to remove it completely. But let's see if you can get a cure with this medicine that contains some steroids, it may cause some side effects. Can you manage to come next week to tell me the effects that this medicine has on your body?" replied the doctor. "Sure sir I can," replied Sanjiv Kumar. "OK then see you next week," the doctor concluded.

He left the hospital and came to his house in Dera Bassi and discussed the whole story with his wife. Even she was anxious and wants to know that if this disease is infectious as she was worried that she might also begin suffering from it, but he said that nothing of that sort is the case but asked her to buy quality food products in future a little alertly. She affirmed by nodding her head in silence.

He began having the medicine from that day as prescribed by the doctor but found them having a very meager effect. After a week he narrated the scene to the doctor who changed some of the medicines with different dosage. But still, these had little or no effect. The doctor again changed some of the medicines and dosage, but no positive effect. Sanjiv Kumar was losing weight drastically and energy was being drained out from his body. He had lost his appetite as he never felt the urge to eat anything. His weight came down to 62 from 75kgs. He was getting frustrated and this continued for the next 6 months.

"What if I stop taking these medicines," he asked the doctor. "No don't you ever think about it otherwise it will lead to some serious complications and things can become drastic," replied the doctor. He could do nothing, frustration had blocked his brains and he couldn't think about anything else than his disease. One day out of the blue an idea struck his mind. Why doesn't he try some other thing, meaning some other ways like acupressure, homeopathy or Ayurvedic ways. He began surfing the net, through which came to youtube and saw a video of a patient of UC getting a complete solution from a Planet Ayurveda. As most of the videos on youtube are the wolves in sheep's clothing and not true, but just out of his intuition he began searching its features by watching many more videos where all different patients were cured to whom the other doctors found no cure. But he wanted to check their authenticity.

In fact, Planet Ayurveda is an excellent Ayurvedic clinic that is run by a pair of Ayurvedic expert doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. This outlier pair is extremely qualified, has lots of experience, talented and holds a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic world. Both are excellent in their courses. People come in hoards from all quarters of the world to their clinic with their various diseases and find a complete treatment. All the medicines that are prepared by this exclusive clinic are judged by the quality of raw material in a very modern and tech-savvy lab. If it comes from natural & organic herbs then it is used and if found that these herbs are not naturally grown, all the quota is straight away shunted out, without hearing any kind of excuses. Public these days is getting shifted from allopathic methods, which carry lots of side effects, to the authentic Ayurvedic ways that treat naturally and carry no side effects. Planet Ayurveda relies on quality rather than quantity.

He contacted them and a lady answered politely asking him the trouble he is facing. He narrated the whole story and the lady asked him to bring along all the lab reports and the hospital slips that were regarding his disease and fixed the appointment on a particular day and further asked him to come at 9:30 am as the doctors served on first come first serve basis. He agreed and decided to reach Planet Ayurveda, which was located in Mohali, a sub-town of Chandigarh.

On the assigned day he and his wife reached the Planet Ayurveda HQ and were impressed after seeing so many patients had assembled in their green premises. They took the seats and waited for their turn that came around 1:15 pm. Both went to the doctor's room and after finishing the initial greetings showed all the papers to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who looked curiously at them. Meanwhile, he kept narrating his own history to the doctor as was asked by him. After some time the doctor turned towards Sanjiv Kumar and said," Look Mr. Kumar, you need to follow certain diet changes, better note them down or take this chart." Then he handed him a page, which depicted foods to be taken, and some to avoid. He also prescribed an Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and taken according to the prescription printed on the different jars.

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Both went to the pharmacy which also falls in the same building and bought their Care Pack and left the clinic on their bike. The doctor had asked them to tell any effects in the first month but due to reasons best known to them, he didn't contact the doctor in the first month but emerged out of nowhere after the 2nd month and extolling the doctor. The words didn't come out of his mouth easily and he was laughing from the core of his heart. "Wow! What a miracle? I am 99% fine in 2 months, in just 2 months, oh god help me," he was shouting and decided to upload a video on youtube.

The doctor prescribed him the same dosage for just another month and restricting him from taking any more. But also insisted on his sticking to the diet that the doctor has prescribed and he will never have to face any blues regarding UC.

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