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Case Study No: 82 | Ulcerative Colitis - Shanti Joshi

Shanti Joshi, who came running from Nepal to trace a cure for Ulcerative Colitis

Her name is Shanti Joshi, the name means a lot, Shanti means peace and Joshi means someone who is carrying enthusiasm. But this lady had lost all enthusiasm when she discovered a disease that is a prolonged one that had gripped her body, Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Basically she belongs to a well to do family in Nepal and was suffering from this disease for the last 5 years but no one could find a remedy that could heal her in Nepal or India, but she did find the cure in ancient Indian science, the Ayurveda.

Her disease began in 2012 when she suffered from loose motions and like everybody else didn't pay much attention and just took a pill that stopped them initially. But after a few days the symptoms again popped up, this time more severe and the same pill proving to be non effective. She pressed the panic button as she was passing the stools for 7, 8 times a day and asked her husband to take her to a doctor who can cure her as she was feeling frustrated as she never liked the smell of any toilet.

He took her to a renowned hospital in the city and the doctor was a far sighted one who on observing her symptoms smelled something fishy. His intuition told him that she was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC), but to confirm it he did her colonoscopy test. He gave her some usual tablets, as colonoscopy tests report does take 3, 4 days to get prepared. After 3, 4 days when the report reached his clinic he confirmed it that she had UC. "It can be cured, can't it?" asked Shanti to the doctor. And the doctor being a hypocrite explained very positively, "No problem, I do have many medicines that can treat this disease but this disease takes some time to heal. You might feel some side effects but slowly it will wither away. I'll make sure that it doesn't stay for long."

She began her treatment by buying various medicines prescribed by the doctor. She kept having the same symptoms that never reduced or got eliminated and the doctor had one excuse or another every week whenever she visited him. He was just extracting the money from her. After about a year she became so much irritated that she lost her temper with the doctor and felt that this doctor is giving her lame excuses and not doing anything properly. She visited some other doctor who told her that her disease can't be cured easily and he further scared her that she needs to take these medicines throughout her life and she never had any alternative. She was feeling terrible and began cursing her luck that she got such a bad disease and suicidal thoughts did cross her mind but after paying a look at her daughter's innocent face she decided to live on and face these hardships.

Her symptoms used to increase and decrease on their own, but she felt humiliated as it was an embarrassing disease that did not allow her to venture out, as she never knew when she will feel the urge to go to the toilet. She kept suffering for almost 5 years. In early 2017 the internet had become an acceptable & usual thing with almost all the young generation and this was the case with her daughter too. She used to watch the internet to find a cure for his mother on her 4G mobile and one day she came across a video on you tube that displayed a person with UC getting the cure after 7 years. He had become totally fine and was praising the doctors at Planet Ayurveda, especially one particular Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Was it genuine or just a publicity stunt, to check their authenticity she searched more videos of such patients and was genuinely impressed by all.

She showed this video to her mother and the whole family wanted to have a discussion with Planet Ayurveda to know the true credibility.

In fact Planet Ayurveda is an authentic Ayurveda clinic that has healed thousands of patients with different diseases all over this globe. The highly qualified, experienced, self motivated and reputed pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan run the clinic. They keep a hawk's eye on the preparations of medicines that are 100% herbal. The raw material that is brought to prepare the medicines is first checked in a modern lab, only those extracts pass through that come from natural or an organic grown herbs and if found that these are not grown in organic manner are straight away rejected without hearing any excuses.

Shanti's daughter contacted them and a polite and sweet voice of a lady picked up the phone and asked how she can help them. Her daughter narrated the story and asked when they can come to India and wanted to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan personally. The lady asked them to bring all the lab test reports and clinic prescriptions that they have with them along and should come on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday of this month. Both collected the reports and put them in a file and after packing their bags left for India.

They came to New Delhi and from there to Chandigarh and to Planet Ayurveda HQ in Mohali, a sub town of Chandigarh. After reaching here they were impressed by seeing many patients sitting and waiting for the doctors. Many foreigners were also sitting and they joined them as the doctors served on first come first serve basis. They waited for their turn that came around 2 pm and both went inside the doctor's room. After the initial greetings they showed the doctor all reports and as asked by the doctor Shanti kept narrating her family history. After she had finished, the doctor asked her to carry Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and gave them a list of foods to have and the foods to avoid. "If you follow these precisely then you'll become fine within a few months, I am certain about that," said the doctor.

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Thanking him she asked, "Doctor for how long I have to take this medicine?" "I am not sure about that, but it will not exceed 8 months and you will find the cure," the doctor concluded. Both got up and bought the medicine from their pharmacy and left. After a month she again rang up at Planet Ayurveda and said that the medicines were effective as the bleeding has stopped completely and the frequency of stools is also reducing gradually. The doctor at Planet Ayurveda asked her to follow the same remedy and very soon the whole UC is going to wither away.

After about 6 months she astonished the Planet Ayurveda people by coming again to say thanks. Her face was gleaming with a joyful mood. She was feeling elated as she has become 80% fine. Even she now wanted to shoot a video for Youtube stating that anybody in the world who is suffering from UC should contact Planet Ayurveda to get an authentic cure. The doctor asked her to continue the same remedy and stop after 2 months, by that time her UC will become history.

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