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Case Study No: 72 | Ulcerative Colitis - Surinder

Surinder, who spent 14 long years living in hell and found heaven at Planet Ayurveda

Surinder belongs to Kaithal in Haryana, which is traditionally connected to Hindu Lord Hanuman as it is also said that it is his birthplace, which holds quite a reputation among Hindu mythology. A temple with the name of his mother 'Anjani, is also located here. A place called Anjani Tila is also situated here. When he suffered loose motions his wife confronted him that what has he eaten outside that has caused loose motions. But he carelessly said that some of his friends had bought sweets, eating them might have caused this problem. But he said that he knows a pharmacist and he will get medicine and they will reduce, which did stop after he took a pill. He got busy with his routine work and forgot all about it.

But the catastrophe was waiting to strike which it did after a few days and this time the pill gave no relief. As Kaithal town is not well equipped with professionals in the medical fields, he and his wife decided to go to Patiala, which did has a renowned medical college and decided to get the medicine from there. Both packed their bags and left for Patiala, which is about 80kms from Kaithal. The other reason was that Patiala is the nearest place that has such renowned medical facilities near Kaithal.

Both landed at Patiala and went straight away to a Gastroenterologist and got examined. The doctors asked him to go in for an endoscopy test and he did undergo for that in a renowned lab. After obtaining the report the doctor scared him further and said, "This is a rare disease that happens to be very few and can happen due to various reasons like spicy food we usually eat, changing life styles, packaged & processed foods and even the soft drinks are responsible for causing it." "You mean that you don't have a permanent cure for these horrible symptoms," Surinder asked. "I never said that but keep one thing in mind that this disease stays for a long time, just like diabetes that can't be eradicated completely but the medicines are there that can control it," replied the doctor and looked at their shocking faces.

Both came out after excusing themselves from the doctor and had a discussion and later agreed with the doctor who began prescribing him the medicines and asked them to visit next week and tell him about any effects that these medicines put on his body. He agreed and both headed towards their native town after purchasing the medicines from the pharmacy. He kept having the medicines but the effects were negligible. On his next visit the doctor changed a few medicines and asked him to come in the next week. The next week process kept repeating and stretched to 4 years but bringing him almost no relief. During this tenure the symptoms used to show reduction but used to flare up after sometime. He kept shuttling between Kaithal and Patiala for 4 long years but was unable to find any relief.

He and his wife decided to visit another renowned hospital at Chandigarh and thought they will bring him some relief. Both came to Chandigarh and went to the hospital in the department that dealt with UC and they did follow the same procedure like in Patiala and did his endoscopy test and then began the procedure of medication. Their medicines enhanced the symptoms that he used to visit the toilet 20 times a day; blood & mucus also started coming with his stools and fearing the worst because he even visited a cancer hospital but the relief still eluded him. He was getting frustrated as his kids also started believing that he will never get cured. He himself began thinking that he is flogging a dead horse.

He surrendered before the circumstances and just had the medicines and the life just kept passing. But even the darkest tunnels have a light at the end and one day one of his friends bought a new 4G mobile and while surfing his friend came across a video that showed a person suffering from UC for 10 years got a cure within 6 months from Planet Ayurveda and he hurriedly called his friend, Surinder to his place and showed him the details. Even Surinder was also using a 4G mobile which has become common during these days as everybody is surfing to access the internet to get any information. He also watched many patients getting the cure from Planet Ayurveda for their various diseases and loading the videos on YouTube and his wife encouraged him to visit them at Mohali (a city that is adjacent to Chandigarh). But he has visited so many hospitals to check their authenticity before proceeding any further.

By now Planet Ayurveda has earned a name in the Ayurvedic world. It is managed by a pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, they are highly qualified, talented, renowned and have a solid reputation in the Ayurveda zone. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan is a gold medalist in BAMS. Both keep a hawk's eye on their production in the premises. All the medicines they make to rectify various diseases are taken from the herbs that are grown in organic or natural ways. First they get the raw material checked in a modern lab. If a fault is detected then whole quota gets rejected without hearing any excuses. They rely more on quality rather than quantity and this Planet Ayurveda is gaining popularity all over the globe.

Both contacted a sweet speaking lady who assured them that they are going to get the desired results and welcomed them along with the lab reports and hospital prescriptions that they have and reach here at 9:30am, the time; clinic opens. Both rushed to the place and after seeing such a heavy rush, were pleased immensely. They also waited for their turn along with many other patients as the doctors examined on first come first serve basis. Their turn came at 2:30pm and both entered the doctor's room and showed him his papers. After scrutinizing reports in detail the doctor asked him to tell his own history and he did that truly. The doctor faced him and said, "You have been suffering from such a long time, why didn't you try to find a cure on the internet, you could have been here a long time back." "Doctor actually I had surrendered as all the doctors said that you have to take this medicine for your life time and I thought that let's go with the flow, but sir this time I have reached a nice place or…" he trailed off.

"Don't worry you have reached the best place and these modern physicians are yet to find a permanent cure that has been found by we Indians since centuries ago, now you have to follow a diet chart strictly, what to eat and what to avoid, and take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take it according to the prescriptions, here," he pointed his index finger at the slip in his hand and explained everything in detail. "And do call me every month and tell me its effects, OK," the doctor finished. "Shall I know for how long I need to take this medicine as all other medicines had lots of side effects," he asked. "Don't worry. Firstly these remedies carry no side effects of any kind and secondly you don't have to eat any medicine after 6 months. By that time you will be totally normal, I assure you that," he replied and bid them goodbye.

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Both reached the pharmacy in an enthusiastic way after the doctor's comments and got their pack and left for Kaithal the same day. It was in March 2018 and after a month he rang up the doctor and told him that he is feeling some positive effects as mucus has totally stopped oozing out, the bleeding and stools have also reduced. The doctor asked him to continue having the same medicine for another month. Gradually every month these rectifiers had positive effects and after a 5 month period both came to Planet Ayurveda and kept praising and thanking the doctor who said he can leave the medicine and just stick to the diet plan that the doctor has recommended. But both insisted the doctor to give them another month's medicines as they don't want this disease to recur and wish to uproot it completely.

Both felt grateful to the doctor who had served him this magical medicine that has healed his 14 year long ailment within a short span of 5 months and were feeling riding the cloud nine. All is well that ends well.

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