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Case Study No: 73 | Ulcerative Colitis - Sushant

Sushant, modern science couldn't find a cure for Ulcerative Colitis

Sushant, who lives in a village of Jaunpur district, in Uttar Pradesh. It is a district that shares its borders with the district of Varanasi, which is the famous Hindu holy place. He was a young man in the year 2015 when he was infected by Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Initially he suffered from loose motions and carelessly, just like all others took some medicine that stops them and it did. In a few days he forgot all about them and got busy doing his routine work.

After some days he again felt the symptoms emerged up again and this time more severely. And he took the same pill again but this time that proved to be ineffective. As Jaunpur doesn't have the medical facilities that much, he decided to go to Varanasi, which is just an hour's drive from his native place, that had the medical facilities in abundance and see a renowned Gastroenterologist after fixing an appointment with him. He along with his dad went there and met the doctor concerned who asked them to go for a colonoscopy test to know the truth and give medicine accordingly.

Both went to a lab and got his colonoscopy test done and the lab assistant gave them a slip and asked them to wait for another 3, 4 days and both came back home. His mother was anxious to know the result and his dad explained to her that it will be known once they get the report from the lab. After 4 days they again went to the concerned lab, took the report and landed at the hospital. After showing it to the doctor, his dad asked, "What is it doctor? The doctor replied, "Its Ulcerative Colitis." "What in the hell is that, I never have heard such a disease," his dad was getting worried to know. The doctor explained in detail that such a complex situation can happen to anybody at anytime due to the changed lifestyle, packed food, spices, cold drinks and alcohol etc. Any one of these things is responsible for getting this disease but he does have a cure for that.

He prescribed some medicines that proved to be totally useless and had no effect on its symptoms. Instead they enhanced his frequency of stools in a period extending up to 2, 3 months. When these medicines were not showing any positive results and he being young felt frustrated very soon and decided to change the location of his treatment. His dad's elder brother lived at Ghaziabad, a district that is in UP, but is submerged into New Delhi, the capital of India. His dad called his brother and explained the whole situation and he readily agreed and booked his seat in a train so that he should not feel uncomfortable by going by bus as Ghaziabad is about 800kms from their native place and he has to visit the toilet many times.

He boarded the train after a few days and reached Ghaziabad the next day and his uncle received him at the railway station and both went home keeping quite. When both reached home his aunt after paying him a look and said, "Oh my God, what sort of a disease you have acquired? Look at you, you have become so thin, but don't worry we have some renowned doctors over here and they will certainly cure you." "That's the reason why I have come here," Sushant replied meekly. "Don't worry, I have fixed an appointment with a renowned doctor of Ghaziabad and he will see us tomorrow at 12 noon," said his uncle. They showed him a room with attached toilet and he went into that room thanking them.

The next day his uncle drove him to that hospital that had a massive area and he began thinking that no other hospital could heal him. Both met the doctor who did another colonoscopy test done and after a few days began treating him, but the situation became more grim this time. Blood and mucus started emerging along with the stools after a few dosages and both ran back to the doctor in a furious state and asked him the reason. The doctor explained that it is due to the side effects of medicines that he was serving as most of them were laced with steroids that were bound to show some side effects. As steroids were the only cure for his symptoms, these are proving beneficial to some and had adverse effects on others.

Both returned in a pallid mood. Sushant who was getting exhausted with his ailment decided to find a remedy in some other medical line like Homeopathy, Ayurvedic or Acupressure. While surfing the net he ran into a video of a patient of UC who got the cure after 2 years suffering from an Ayurvedic doctor at Planet Ayurveda. He was instantly impressed and went straight to his uncle and showed him the video. But his uncle stayed calm and said, "Majority of such videos are fake, these are done to get publicity or gain something else and is publicized by swindlers to make money. The whole world is full of such people." Even he felt dismayed but he decided to check Planet Ayurveda's authenticity as he had a friend who lived in Mohali. He rang him up and told the whole story and the friend said, "They don't promise anything, but delivers everything," and asked him to visit you tube and see for himself.

He did that and was more impressed after watching many videos of a number of patients praising the doctors who own that divine clinic. In fact by now Planet Ayurveda has earned a reputed name for itself in the Ayurvedic world. It is actually owned and managed by a highly qualified, renowned, talented and reputed pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr, Meenakshi Chauhan. Both have earned gold medals while perceiving their degrees. They produce the medicines in its premises and take keen interest while the production of medicines is done. They choose quality herbs that are grown in organic or natural ways. At first all these herbs get checked by a solid lab and if found anything faulty are straight away rejected without hearing any excuses. Then they blacklist that firm supplying those herbs and never entertain it and break all ties as they just rely on quality. This is the reason, why it is getting famous at such a fast speed, all over the globe.

He again had a word with his uncle who was a little reluctantly agreed and asked him to contact them. A sweetly sounding lady picked up the landline number and before saying hello he narrated his troubles that he wanted to shun. The lady fixed his appointment with the doctor on a given day and asked him to bring all his UC related papers, the lab reports, the clinic prescriptions of different doctors and reach the clinic by 9:30am as this was the time when clinic opened. She also told him that the doctors served on first come first serve basis. He boarded the train from Ghaziabad to New Delhi and from there he changed it and reached Mohali where his friend was waiting to receive him.

The very next day both reached the HQ of Planet Ayurveda at dot 9:30am and were pleasantly surprised to see a huge rush of patients already waiting for the doctors. They also sat down in the AC lounge and waited for their turn that came at 2 pm. Both were ushered in the doctor's room and after the initial greetings both sat down and he pushed his reports towards the doctor. The doctor picked them up and studied carefully and then asked him about his history. Then he said, "Look Mr. Sushant, you need to follow a certain diet plan and take along our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and follow the prescriptions tightly as mentioned here," he gave Sushant a slip and added after handling a diet chart, "you need to consume these foods and avoid taking these foods" pointing his index finger he concluded. He bid them goodbye after asking him to tell the effects of medicine if he follows the diet plan strictly.

Both came to the pharmacy opposite the doctor's room and took away the pack. Shushant began his treatment on the same day and stayed with his friend for some days before proceeding to Ghaziabad. The medicines began showing the effects in a fortnight and he began feeling better and after a month he rang Planet Ayurveda and gave the good news that his mucus and bleeding has totally stopped and the stools have also become less from 17, 18 in a day these are reduced to 10, 12 a day. Planet Ayurveda advised him to continue having the same medicine for the next 2 months but he insisted on 1 month only and stopped after its dosage got over. The doctor asked him to have the medicine for another month, but he himself thought that I have healed so why should I need for another month and stopped completely.

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After 2, 3 months the symptoms again surfaced and he ordered for another month. The doctor rang him up and asked why now; if he would have taken the medicine for another month he wouldn't have allowed the symptoms to emerge again. He felt sorry and took the medicine for another month. He got totally fit in January 2016.

He visited Planet Ayurveda in March 2018 and wanted to thank the doctor for curing his lifelong disease in 3 months and was glad to feel normal for the last 14 months and used to go in for stools once a day. His bodily structure had also become healthier, enhancing his physical personality.

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