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Case Study No: 84 | Ulcerative Colitis - Tangeet

Mr. Tangeet, a person who didn't find a cure for Ulcerative Colitis in Dubai

Mr. Tangeet, who works in Dubai, earning handsomely, for his better future, used to smoke cigarettes, eat meat, beef and other packed foods, which are fashion symbols among the big cities across the globe. He suffered from loose motions initially and took a tablet that was supposed to halt the stools and it did. He forgot all about it and got busy with his routine work. After a few days he felt the symptoms recurring and ambushing his body very badly. His motions had increased in frequency, 15 to 20 times a day that he had to take a short leave from his job, on medical grounds, and the same tablet was proving ineffective, after some days.

He visited a hospital and they did his colonoscopy test, which confirmed it to be Ulcerative Colitis and warned him that this disease takes its own time to heal. When he enquired about the medicines, he was told that he will have to take medicines which contained steroids and that was the only remedy that can cure this disease in a fast manner. He had no other choice and reluctantly agreed. The doctors began his treatment, which deteriorated after a few days. The condition had worsened as got Rectal bleeding and had the stools increased in frequency, 22 to 25 times a day and he was admitted into a hospital in a dizzy state.

The hospital took care of him for about 15, 16, days and he felt that his condition was improving a bit as the frequency had reduced to 9, 10 times a day but the blood was still oozing out along with the stools. His health was also suffering as he never desired to eat anything, his appetite had reached the lowest point and the doctors further scared him by saying that he needed to take this medicine for as long as he lives. "What?" he was totally stunned to hear that, "You don't have a permanent cure for this minor disease?" "This is not minor, look at yourself, you are losing blood and weight, your body is feeling lethargic and you feel tired to get up from the bed and you say that this is a minor disease. Modern science has not found a permanent cure for UC, you have to take this medicine for lifelong otherwise you might incur more complications," explained the doctor.

'Beggars can't be choosers'; he had no other alternative and thus agreed to proceed. He kept having those medicines and tried searching the net to remove this disease or at least reduce the frequency of his stools, when he crashed into the video of a patient getting the treatment from a Planet Ayurveda and was feeling elated and praising a particular doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Even he got curious and began searching more videos on YouTube that had cured many patients of this disease. He found many more videos that had healed lots of patients coming with different diseases and all seemed genuine.

Planet Ayurveda is skilled to the core that heals age-old remedies, in a modern way. It is located very close to Chandigarh and it is maintained by a highly qualified, experience holder, talented, and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who has a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic region. Both are the gold medalist in their field. All the remedies that are manufactured in their premises to heal various different diseases are at first tested in a modern & technically perfect lab to check their authenticity, if found organic or natural, only then are used otherwise shunted off, without hearing any kind of excuses. All the medicines are produced under the watchful eyes of this honest pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is getting famous at a fast pace both nationally and internationally.

He got what's app number and contacted them and a lady asked him that where is he calling from. He told her that he is calling from Dubai and was feeling frustrated with his disease of UC and asked, "Do you people have a remedy for eradicating this UC permanently?" "Sure sir we already have healed many," came the reply. "I have seen lots of videos on YouTube, that's why I want to get in touch with Dr. Vikram Chauhan, is he there?" he inquired. "Yes sir, but he is busy with examining another patient, you give us your number and he will definitely call you back," said the lady. He told her his number and waited anxiously for their call.

After a few hours his phone rang up and he switched it on instantly and someone on the other end said, "This is Dr. Vikram Chauhan and how can I help you, my receptionist said that you are suffering from UC." "That's the bad news sir, I am feeling terrible as the doctors here in Dubai say that you will have to take these medicines for my life time and these are laced with steroids and I know that these steroids have drastic side effects on our body. Then I searched YouTube and that's how I contacted you.-," said Mr. Tangeet.

"Thanks for contacting us, but first things is send me the details of your disease, when and how you were attacked by this horrible disease, all the details with lab tests and clinic and hospital slips, everything in detail, don't leave anything and your own history," asked the doctor and continued," after that I'll tell you the remedy and you can get it in Dubai only as we have an authorized distributor over there. And I will contact you within a few moments after that, OK?" "Fine doc, I am doing that right away, "was his answer and he clicked pictures of case study, lab reports and hospital prescriptions and he sent them on our what's app number and after a few minutes his phone again buzzed. The doctor at the other end said, "I have studied all the papers and now I will send you a diet chart that you need to follow strictly otherwise even our remedy will have no effect. If you already taking any medicine, don't give up instantly, gradually keep reducing its dosage, ok, You can collect the medicine called Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take it according to the prescription mentioned on each jar. You can collect the medicine from Mr. Lalit Sharma, call him up. OK sir, and tell me if any effect occurs, positive or negative, just place your complaint or benefit, doesn't matter on our what's app number and I'll give you some alternatives and hope you get well soon," and their conversation was over. He checked what's app number on his mobile, and read the diet chart the foods to eat and which one to avoid.

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The doctor had banned his meat, beef and many other things like smoking, etc. It was hard to give up but he had to as he was feeling terrible and ordered the UC pack from Mr. Sharma by ordering online in April 2016. After a month he called Planet Ayurveda again and had a word with Dr. Vikram Chauhan, "I think that your remedy has showing positive responses and I am feeling a little better, around 20% and the bleeding has stopped completely sir." "Nice, just continue with the same remedy and are you following my diet chart or not?" asked the doctor. "Sir I got that printed and hung the chart in my kitchen so that I never forget it, the moment I enter my kitchen that's the first thing I see and I am following it very precisely," said he and further asked, "Sir how long will it take to get completely cured?" The doctor replied, "Everybody is unique in its own style and takes their own time in healing completely. It might take some months but will not exceed 9 months, before that you will be absolutely fine."

After 4 months, in August 2016 the doctor himself visited Dubai and Mr. Tangeet personally came running to meet the doctor and said, "It is 4 months time since I took your first dosage and now I am feeling 90% fine, how much more doc?" "You might need the remedy for another month or 2 and then you can give up, but before you give up, call me. But stick to the diet prescribed by me, this disease will never dare to touch you again, that's a final Chapter." He felt in 7th heaven on hearing that.

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