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Case Study No: 136 | Ulcerative Colitis - Lokendra Singh

Lokendra Singh from Rampur (UP) got treated for Ulcerative Colitis

Lokendra Singh belongs to Rampur, a district in the state of UP. He was infected by this horrible disease called Ulcerative Colitis for the last 3 years. Someone suggested the name of a renowned doctor who belonged to Meerut and he went there to get the treatment. The doctor did his various tests and gave him some medicines too that can cure him. But these medicines didn't bring him the relief that he was seeking. Then someone asked him to go to New Delhi that has enormous medical facilities and he even went to New Delhi but was unable to find a cure. The doctors at New Delhi did do his various tests and said, "Look, you need to take good care of yourself as the modern medical facilities are yet to find a permanent cure for such disease." "You mean you don't have a medicine that can cure me," said Lokendra Singh. The answer was a big no and the doctors suggested that he needs to take these medicines for the rest of his life, if he needs to keep his disease under control.

His symptoms were of the worst kind like he used to pass the stools for many times a day and bleeding also started along with stools. He was also losing weight and felt extremely weak physically. His condition was deteriorating everyday and he could not find a cure. He couldn't even leave having heavy dose medicines as the doctors have warned him from taking them which might create further troubles.

One fine day while watching a video on YouTube he accidentally watched the video of a person who got his Ulcerative Colitis cured from an Ayurvedic clinic called Planet Ayurveda. The person looked genuine and not a publicity stunt. He showed the video to his family and the family was surprised to see the video. He even watched many more videos of many people finding the cure from Planet Ayurveda about many other diseases. He contacted them after obtaining the land line number of the clinic from their website.

He dialed that number and a lady picked up the phone and said that how can Planet Ayurveda help him. He narrated everything about his disease and asked her that do they have a remedy to cure him. The lady on the phone said yes, they have a remedy that can heal him no matter how old his disease is. That lady also asked him to visit their clinic at Mohali and visit their doctor but before coming asked him to bring along all the papers that he had with him that are related to his disease. He asked her to where they are situated and the lady gave him the full address of the clinic.

In fact Planet Ayurveda is maintained by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who has earned a gold medal while studying. All the medicines that are produced here are first checked in a modern lab. The raw material come from natural or organic extraction of plants and trees. If any fault is found the whole lot gets dismissed without hearing any kind of excuses. By now the Planet Ayurveda has earned a reputation and is flourishing at a fast pace all over the globe. The number of distributors is also increasing.

He landed at Planet Ayurveda on a fixed date and was mesmerized when he came here. He saw many more people gathered at the clinic to cure their various diseases. He went straight to the receptionist and introduced himself. The receptionist took out a slip and wrote his name on it and took him to an assistant of the doctor who noted down his symptoms and wrote them all on his slip. Then she asked him to wait for his turn and sit in the AC lounge of the clinic. He waited over there and heard someone shout his name around 1:30pm.

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He was guided to the doctor's room and he went there and sat next to the doctor. He handed over his disease related papers to the doctor, who scrutinized them very carefully. The doctor even asked him to reveal his own history, which he did honestly. Then the doctor turned towards him and said, "Look Mr. Lokendra Singh you need to have our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and you need to change the pattern of your diet." After that he took out a printed sheet from his drawer and said, "Here is a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid." He handed the list to Lokendra Singh, which he kept nicely in his file. The doctor bid him goodbye and he got up and came out of the room.

He headed straight into the pharmacy, which is located opposite the doctor's room and bought his pack. After that he left the premises and went to a hotel and spent the night in the hotel. Early next morning he went to Rampur and began his medication. He got 100% results within 3 months as he was fully cured. He even came back to make a video for YouTube and his smile said it all as he was feeling elated and exalted the doctors of Planet Ayurveda.

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