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Case Study No: 133 | Ulcerative Colitis - Radha Verma

Radha Verma got the treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Radha Verma belongs to a city of steel, Mandi Gobindgarh. She suffered from Ulcerative Colitis that has no cure in the modern medical sciences. She didn't know about its treatment earlier and kept visiting various doctors. Whenever she used to eat anything she used to rush towards the toilet to pass stools. Mucus and bleeding also started coming with her stools and her health kept deteriorating. She never knew what had hit her. She used to think 100 times before venturing out.

It has been 14 years that she has to suffer all these health hazards. But she couldn't find a doctor who could cure her. She went to many doctors in Ludhiana city too but was unable to find a cure for her ailment. The whole family kept searching for the cure, but no one succeeded. Sometimes she used to pass the stools for 20 to 30 times a day. More than half of his day was spent in the toilet and she felt frustrated with it. She was also losing weight due to it. For the last 2 and a half years she was completely bedridden and couldn't get up and do any work. She felt helpless and couldn't see the cure for her disease.

She even visited an Ayurvedic doctor that did provide her some partial treatment. The moment his dosage got over she was back to square one.

One day while watching a video on YouTube she accidentally watched the video of a person who got his Ulcerative Colitis cured from an Ayurvedic clinic called Planet Ayurveda. The person looked genuine. She showed the video to her hubby and even he was surprised to see the video. He even watched many more videos of many people finding the cure from Planet Ayurveda about many other ailments. He asked her to contact them after obtaining the land line number of this clinic from their website.

She dialed that number and a lady picked up the phone and said that how can Planet Ayurveda help her. She narrated everything about her disease and asked her that do they have a remedy to cure her. The lady on the phone said yes, they have a remedy that can heal her. That lady also asked her to visit their clinic at Mohali and visit their doctor but before coming asked Radha Verma to bring along all the papers that she had with her that are related to her disease. Radha Verma asked her to where they are situated and the lady gave her the full address of the clinic.

In fact Planet Ayurveda is managed by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who has earned a gold medal while pursuing her degree. All the medicines that are produced here are first checked in a modern lab that whether this raw material comes from natural or organic extraction of plants and trees or not and if any fault is found the whole lot gets dismissed without hearing any kind of excuses. By now the Planet Ayurveda has earned a reputation and is flourishing at a fast pace all over the globe.

The very next day Radha Verma along with her hubby came to Planet Ayurveda. Both were impressed with seeing the number of patients that had gathered at the clinics threshold. Both entered the clinic's premises and went straight to the receptionist and introduced themselves. The receptionist took out a pad and wrote her name on it and guided them to an assistant of the doctor who noted down her symptoms .The assistant doctor wrote everything on that slip and asked them to wait for their turn in the lounge. Both sat sown in the lounge and waited for their turn.

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Someone called her name Radha Verma a bit loudly and ushered them inside the doctor's room. After the initial greetings the doctor asked them, "Who is the patient?" Radha Verma said that it was her who has been suffering from the disease for the last 14 years. The doctor scrutinized her papers carefully and then turned to her side and said, "Look Mrs. Radha Verma you need to take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and follow a particular diet pattern. It should be followed strictly otherwise the medicines will not be that effective." "Sure sir, I will follow your diet pattern," said Radha Verma. The doctor took out a slip from his drawer and gave it to her. On which a diet has been printed mentioning foods to eat and foods that she had to avoid. She kept that list carefully in her purse. The doctor even asked her to keep reporting every month how she is finding the cure or not and he might have to change her dietary items and all that. Both got up from their seats and bid the doctor goodbye.

Both headed towards the pharmacy that is located right opposite the doctor's room and bought their pack and left the premises. The first month was sort of ineffective but her condition started improving from the second month. She has been taking the same medicines for the last 11 months and is feeling 80% cured. She comes to Planet Ayurveda every month and brings her medicines. She also pays a lot of respect and thanks to the doctor, who has treated her. She even shot a video on YouTube and urged everybody to approach Planet Ayurveda once, when you suffer from any disease and also praised the quality of its medicines that are quite effective in removing many diseases.

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