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Case Study No: 122 | Ulcerative Colitis - Sukhwant Singh

Sukhwant Singh, who didn't find the cure for Ulcerative Colitis

Sukhwant Singh, the name says that he will always be comfortable like a lion, but luck had something bad stored in it. Basically he is a native of Manchester of India, Ludhiana, which is popular for being the hub of bicycle and hosiery industry. This city is also famous for 2 renowned medical colleges of India. It is a city that makes everybody think that it has a cure for anything except AIDS, which is being searched by the whole world. It all started with loose motions in the year 1994. He thought that he might have eaten something wrong, that's why he is suffering from these loose motions. He took a local pill from a chemist that stopped his loose motions initially but after a few days he suffered the same symptoms and once again took the same pill, but this time it proved to be ineffective.

He went to a doctor, who could sense something fishy and asked him to do a test of colonoscopy to confirm the disease, but did his stool test then and asked him to visit with the report of colonoscopy. "Is there something serious sir?" Sukhwant asked the doctor. "No, but you better get this test done and get the report and I'll give you the medicine accordingly, nothing to worry take this medicine and it will curb some symptoms," said the doctor and gave him some pills. Sukhwant left the clinic and went to a lab and did his colonoscopy done.

After a few days when he went back to the doctor after getting his report from the lab, the doctor gave him certain medicines and asked him to take them as prescribed. He came home and did accordingly. But the medicines had a little effect and his loose motions remained the same. This treatment went on for some months, he was frustrated and decided to change the doctor. He did alter, but even they proved to be worthless. One of his friends suggested a doctor at Moga, another district adjoining Ludhiana. He went there and the doctor did his tests again and assured him that his disease will be taken care of very soon. He kept going to Moga to attain the medicines but even these had no effect.

He felt in dire straits after 2, 3 years as he couldn't attend any college, couldn't go to any relatives place as he used to visit the washroom 15, 16 times a day. He felt too embarrassed to leave his own house. He did his studies in correspondence way. Even his parents were skeptical about his disease as no one could provide him the proper relief. If anyone suggested any doctor's name he was ready to visit him. He had even gone to New Delhi and Hapur, a town in UP near Delhi, but was unable to find a cure.

But the effects were deteriorating as bleeding also began with the lose motions after he had changed the medical line, he switched from allopathy to homeopathy, thinking that they will have a remedy. Homeopathy made him sicker and drained his energy from the body. The doctors gave him such medicines that reduced the symptoms initially that used to recur the moment their dosage got over. The doctors suggested that he will have to take their medicine for a life time as such a disease has yet to find a permanent cure.

He was just bugged enough that he felt caught between a rock and a hard place. He used to cry as he felt that he couldn't even marry anyone if this disease persists. By this time the internet had become accessible, available in almost every 4G mobiles. He himself did the search on the internet to find a remedy that can lessen the symptoms as he was feeling too lethargic to go anywhere else. He kept surfing Youtube channel and was impressed by Planet Ayurveda. It has lots of videos of many patients coping with serious diseases and after finding a cure, went away uploading a video on Youtube. But first he wanted to check their authenticity as he was fed up of going to so many places and getting negligible or very meager results. He watched many videos and all the patients were praising a particular doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

He went to his parents with the mobile and showed him many videos of UC patients, who after watching the videos said, "So now you want to try them." "Sure dad, but I don't trust them at all, but let's give them a slight chance, even the smallest things sometimes help those who are in need, let's take a chance for the last time as it is the last ray of hope," he replied. "OK, fine," was his dad's reply," first contact them." He thought that this is not the end of the world and he will take a risk of getting there.

People who never say die are the ones that do find success if they keep trying honestly. Planet Ayurveda proved to be a divine clinic for him as it gives treatment to age old remedies, in a modern style. It is run & administered by a highly qualified, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who hold a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic zone. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan is a gold medalist in Ayurveda. All the remedies that are produced in their premises to rectify various different diseases are at first tested in a modern & technically sound lab to check their authenticity, are they organic or natural, if yes they are used otherwise not used, without hearing any excuses. All the medicines are manufactured under the vigilant eyes of this honest pair of Ayurvedic doctors through the latest model of machines. Planet Ayurveda is flourishing at a hectic pace both nationally and internationally.

The next morning he contacted them and told his story to them. The lady that answered the phone said, "Let me see sir, you can come here within how many days sir?" "I got to see the doctor personally, the sooner the better" came the reply "Yes sir on any day of this month, but do bring in all the test reports of lab that have been done and all those clinic slips that were made by the various doctors, and also his own family history. The clinic opens at 9:30am sir," the lady replied in a polite way. So they reached Mohali the next day, the HQ of Planet Ayurveda.

His dad also accompanied him and both reached Planet Ayurveda in December, 2015, and were astonished after seeing the huge rush of patients at their green premises. The people had come from all corners of the world, there were some foreigners too. Both sat with the already waiting patients and waited for their turn as the doctor served with all patients on first come first serve basis. Their turn came at 1:30 pm, and was ushered in the doctor's room. After the greetings he showed him the disease related papers and reports of various lab tests done and he narrated his own history. The doctors scrutinized the whole reports very keenly and after some discussion with themselves turned towards Sukhwant and said, "Look sir, you need to follow all the prescriptions strictly or you will deteriorate the whole situation and take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and note down the diet that you have to avoid and which one to consume and continue having your previous medicines if any, gradually decline their dosage, but never give up all of a sudden, your body might not be able to adjust accordingly." "Sure sir I will reduce their dosage gradually," said he. He noted all the prescription on his mobile and took a diet sheet from the doctor and asked, "Can ask something else sir, how long it will take to get completely fine as I am not feeling well since the last 2 decades. I was thinking about suicide but my parents love didn't let me do that" "Better be a brave man and stop thinking negatively and it all depends on the patient's body. Everybody has a different body, it might be over within a fortnight or might take some months, but it will diminish, I am sure about that and it has no side effects," was the reply.

"I'll do as prescribed by you sir as I am fed up of this horrible suffering for so many years, and I've never felt comfortable consistently. Now I have begun feeling a mild pain also" he assured him. "Call us the moment you feel any kind of effects, positive or negative doesn't matter, OK?" the doctor asked. "Sure sir, I will" he said.

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He got up and reached the pharmacy, which is situated within the premises and left after having the pack headed towards a relative's home in Chandigarh. The doctor had asked him to visit or call Planet Ayurveda next month as the dosage was for 28 days only. He called after 15, 16 days and was complaining that this pack was showing no positive effect. But the doctor assured him, "You have been suffering for so long, better be patient and tell me after this dosage is completely over, after exactly 28 days ok, bye."

After 28 days his tone had altered, "Oh doc I am sorry I was seeking the quicker results, but now the symptoms have reduced by 50%, the bleeding and the pain are totally gone. Thank you very much doc, you are doing a very fine job, shall I continue with the same medicine?" he was feeling a lot happier than ever before. The doctor asked him to continue with the same dosage and after 2 and half months he himself came to Planet Ayurveda and said, "Doc I have come to attend a marriage at Chandigarh, it's been 2 and a half month and I am 95% fine, but the doctor had suggested to continue with the same remedy for another month or two, so that this disease is totally uprooted. Sukhwant Singh has found the final 'sukh' (Comfort).

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