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Case Study No: 74 | Ulcerative Colitis - Vishwajit Singh

Vishwajit Singh, the boy couldn't win over Ulcerative Colitis

Vishwajit, the name truly means, Vishwa meaning the world and jit means the win, this boy from Bihar couldn't win over his disease of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in the modern medical world. Initially his stools became loose like everybody and he began thinking that he must have eaten something bad or indigestive food and that's why he is suffering from these loose motions. He took a local pill from a chemist to curb them and the stools subsided easily and he became normal and forget all about them. A few days later the symptoms again flared up and the stool became red as blood also mucus started oozing out along with the stools. He panicked and informed his parents about them.

His dad was furious as college going students often eat many things from the stalls which are very unhygienic. But still then his dad took him to Patna, the capital of Bihar and both went to a renowned hospital and the doctor sensing trouble asked his dad to get the colonoscopy test done to confirm his disease and come back after 3, 4 days so that he will give the medicine after scanning his report. Both went to a popular lab in Patna and got his colonoscopy test done. After 4 days they got the report and went back to the same doctor who frowned a little bit while reading the report. His dad became conscious and asked the doctor, "Is everything right doc or something serious?" "Nothing serious but complicated," replied the doctor and explained to them that this disease stays on for a long period and can even last for the life time. Both were stunned to hear this bad news.

"You mean you don't have a medicine that can cure him permanently?" asked his dad. "No, our medical science does have the remedies to heal it completely but a permanent cure is also possible and impossible, both ways. Now let me explain in detail, this is such a horrible disease that it stays for a long periods, how long, no one can guess, it can be soothed within a fortnight and it can last a life time, tell me how do you want me to treat him?" the doctor replied. "But how can he be infected by this terrible disease?" asked his dad. The doctor gave him many reasons like change in life style, changing environment, packed foods, alcohol, soft drinks and many more. Both looked helplessly at the doctor who prescribed some medicines and pocketed his own fees.

Vishwajit began having these medicines but all in vain. This medication lasted for some months but didn't provide any relief to him. Even he was getting frustrated and contacted his dad, "Dad, why don't I get the treatment from New Delhi, I hope I find a solution in a better way as New Delhi is equipped with better medical facilities than Patna," His dad also agreed and called his brother who used to live in New Delhi and explained the whole situation. His brother welcomed his nephew and had a word with Vishwajit, "Hello Vishwajit you can always come here and stay with me, you will definitely find a remedy that can cure you, book a train ticket and inform me. I'll receive you at the railway station." Vishwajit booked a train ticket and after bidding goodbye to his parents reached New Delhi.

His uncle was standing on the platform and he waved at him from his window and by the time train stopped his uncle had come to the door of his compartment. Both shared the greeting and hugged each other and came out of the railway station and his uncle said, "I have already taken an appointment with a gastroenterologist and we will visit him tomorrow at 11:30am and he will cure you and I am sure about it." The next day, both went to that hospital and entered doctor's room and showed the colonoscopy report to him. But the doctor insisted on doing another one at his own hospital and Vishwajit did go to his lab and did another colonoscopy test done. After they received the report both went to the same doctor who asked his uncle, "Can he take steroids or is he allergic to them?" "No he is not but doc don't the steroids have side effects that can prove to be harmful for him later?" the uncle questioned the doctor. "But steroids is the only cure as far as I see," the doctor replied and looked anxiously at Vishwajit, who needed the cure.

Vishwajit who was feeling frustrated said, "Doctor do what you have to do, just get me rid of this horrible disease as I am fed up since the last year, do give us any medicine and I am ready to have it." "Ok fine, here is the list of medicines and their prescription is also written on it," and handed him a slip. Both bought these medicines and reached home and his uncle told his aunt, "The doctor said that he will be fine in a few days." Even she heaved a sigh of relief. The medicines did show the effect initially as his frequency of stools was reduced and bleeding used to occur occasionally. His uncle was very happy and informed this to his brother, "I told you that New Delhi has better medical facilities than Patna, his health is getting better and his symptoms have also reduced, but I'll not let him go unless he becomes fully normal." His dad was pleased to hear the good news.

But the symptoms refused to fade away completely. They used to keep fluctuating, sometimes down and sometimes up, this thing kept happening for another year when the whole family got really disturbed. One day while watching youtube video he came across a patient of UC for 5 long years getting cured by an Ayurvedic clinic called Planet Ayurveda. The patient seemed genuine and not a publicity stunt. He showed the video to his uncle and sought his reaction. The uncle said to check their authenticity first and only then proceed. He watched many more patients of UC getting a cure from Planet Ayurveda, all looked genuine.

In fact Planet Ayurveda is a noble clinic of Ayurvedic medicines that has healed thousands of patients because it relies more on the quality of medicines that are made by it in an honest manner. All the raw material, which comes from the herbs that are grown in natural or organic way. First they check their quality in a modern lab, if found faulty the whole quota is rejected without hearing any excuses. Pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who are highly qualified, talented, renowned and have a solid reputation, run the show and keep a hawk's eye on production. Both have earned a gold medal while pursuing their degrees. By now it has created a name for itself among the Ayurvedic world and is gaining popularity all over the globe.

Vishwajit Singh was also impressed with its reputation and contacted them and narrated his story and asked that if they can cure him. A lady answered the phone who had very impressive and calming voice she welcomed him and she also asked him to bring in all the lab reports and clinic slips that were with him regarding his UC, she gave the appointment and fixed a day. She also told him that the clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors served on first come first serve basis.

His uncle also accompanied him and both reached the HQ in Mohali (sub-town of Chandigarh) on the appointed day and were fulsomely surprised to see their image larger than life. Many more patients were also waiting for the doctors to turn up and they also did the same in the AC lounge of the clinic. Their turn came at 1pm and both went to the doctor's room and showed him the reports etc. The doctor scrutinized them carefully and later asked him about his own history. When he had finished the doctor said, Mr. Vishwajit, so your studies would have been extremely suffered a lot, look now here is a pack of Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and a list of diet mentioning the food you have to consume and what to avoid," and he handed Vishwajit a list. He further added, "Follow the prescriptions strictly and you have a cure in your hand otherwise." "Sir I am fed up of this disease, I was impressed by a video on youtube, that's why I have come here, just do away with this abysmal disease, please," he said pleadingly.

"Don't worry if the medicine doesn't show any effect in the first month, keep having this remedy online and it will certainly show some positive effects within 6 months," said the doctor and bid them goodbye.

Watch the Video of This Patient

Both went to the pharmacy and bought their pack and left for New Delhi the same day. The first 2 months had negligible effect and he got suspicions that he has been cheated and rang the doctor who assured him that the next month will definitely have some effect and the 3rd and 4th month proved to be absolutely magical months. He became 60% better and after 6 months became fully normal and stopped having the medicines in March 2017.

He visited Planet Ayurveda in March 2018 and was praising the doctor for curing his horrible disease that disturbed his studies, social life and his whole family. He was grinning and said for the last whole year he was just feeling normal with no hiccups. Even he shot a video to be uploaded on youtube where he is seen urging all UC patients to come straight to Dr. Vikram Chauhan if they need an authentic cure and he himself will always remain thankful to the doctor.

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