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How to Improve Sagging Breast without Surgery?

Breast Sagging


Are you happy with the current state of your breasts? If not, then you must be having sagging breasts and they look unpleasant. Breast sagging is a condition when the breasts lose its elasticity. Many factors are responsible for this like pregnancy, or may be due to genes. Breast tissues are made up of fat cells and ligaments that usually extends from the collar bone to the underarms. Glands present in it are called lobules which produce milk that mothers use to feed their newborn babies. The Ayurvedic treatment is very effective in reversing the sagging breasts without surgery.

What are Sagging Breasts?

As per Modern aspect :-

Breasts symbolize beauty and femininity. But sagging breasts damages the women's self-esteem and her self-confidence level. As discussed above, it is a condition when the breasts lose its elasticity and drops. This may be a source of anxiety for some of the women.

As per Ayurveda aspect :-

Sagging breasts are not properly mentioned in Ayurveda but can be correlated to some symptoms and is caused due to the vitiation of vata dosha and deficiency of ras, meda and shukra dhatu in the body.

What are the Causes of Sagging Breasts?

The main causes of sagging breasts are :-

  1. Aging Factors: As the women get older, the ligaments that form the breast tissue started losing their elasticity. This change may be particularly seen during menopause.
  2. Smoking: Carcinogens present in cigarette causes the elastin to break down in the body which is responsible for skin elasticity.
  3. Gravitational Pull: It is also the main cause of sagging breasts, especially found in women who have larger breasts.
  4. Weight Gain: Gaining weight may also cause the unnecessary stretching of the
  5. Sun Burn: Sunburn is also the cause of the sagging breasts because the ultraviolet rays of the sun cause the loss of elasticity of the skin.
  6. Multiple Pregnancies: Most of the times multiple pregnancies cause the ligaments to stretch as the breasts get heavier to support the baby.
  7. Medical Conditions: Medical conditions like tuberculosis and breast cancer weakens the tissues and ligaments.

What are the Symptoms of Sagging Breasts?

  • Skin loses its elasticity.
  • Shifting of the areola towards the lower portion of the breast.

What is the Diagnosis of Sagging Breasts?

A physician will diagnose the sagging breasts by using ptosis scale to grade the severity of the sagging breasts. The grade is diagnosed through the nipple position with the inframammary crease.

  • Mild (Grade 1): In mild condition, the nipple is the same levels of the inframammary crease.
  • Moderate (Grade 2): In moderate condition, the nipple is situated below the inframammary crease.
  • Advanced (Grade 3): In advanced condition, the nipple is situated below the inframammary crease and is situated at the level of maximum breast projection.
  • Severe (Grade 3): In this condition, the nipple is situated far below the inframammary crease the breast projection is maximum.

What is the Natural Treatment for Sagging Breasts?

Planet Ayurveda offers a natural and effective treatment that fixes the saggy breasts without surgery. These are 100% pure natural and formulated with natural herbs. These formulations are free from preservatives, fillers and additives. These are prepared under the strict supervision of MD Ayurveda experts.

1. Bustonica Capsules

Bustonica Capsule is a pure and natural herbal formulation which is effective for the sagging breasts. This formulation is prepared from the herbs like Shatavari, lodhra, vidarikand, varahikand, and SafedMusli. These herbs help to regain breast size, shape, and tone. After a few months of lactation, most of the females feel that their breasts are loosing the tone and strength, then they can use our Bustonica capsule . These capsules treat saggy breasts without surgery in a natural way.

Dosage: 1 capsule twice daily with plain water after meals.

2. Pushyanug Churna

Pushyanug Churna is a classical Ayurvedic formulation which balances the vata, pitta and Kapha dosha and acts on the blood, plasma, muscles and reproductive system of the body. It is formulated from the herbs like musta, kumkuma, shunthi, licorice, arjuna, kutaja, bilva, lodhra, ativisa, mochrasa, patha and it also contains gairika. These herbs are helpful in female disorders like excessive menstrual bleeding, leucorrhea, uterine infections, and saggy breasts. This churna also shows effective results in reverse sagging breasts without surgery. These conditions occurred due to the hormonal imbalance and this churna helps to maintain the balance of hormones. It also has good results in dysentery and diarrhea.

Dosage: 1 tsp twice daily with plain water after meals.

Bustonica Oil and Rativallabh Oil

1. Bustonica Oil

Bustonia oil is an herbal formulation for the treatment of saggy breasts that enhances the appearance of breasts and lifts sagging breasts without surgery. It is prepared from the herbs like jeera, Shatavari, paatla, vidarikand, jeevanti, gumbhari, shyonak, etc. It contains sesame oil, flaxseed oil, and sunflower oil. This oil has a unique property to improve the bust size and enlarges the breast without having any side effects because it works in coordination with the hormonal imbalance. It fixes the sagging breasts without surgery.

Usage: For external use.

2. RatiVallabh Oil

RatiVallabh oil is an Ayurvedic formulation useful in providing strength to the nerves. The effective herbs present in it are tagar, devdaru, manjistha, kusth, tagart, sariva, rakt and safed Chandan, Vacha, etc. These herbs are also useful in treating impotence, erectile dysfunction, and other related conditions. In females, it is useful to improve thecondition of sagging breasts and also in cases of infertility.

Usage: Mix both of these oils and apply it on the breast twice daily.

Directions of Use:

  • Apply this oil on the breast and massage in a circular and upward motion and keep it overnight. It will show very effective results.
  • If you are applying it during the day, then retain for 15 minutes. Wash this oil with lukewarm water.

Some Tips for Sagging Breasts

  1. Do chest exercises regularly as it improves the muscle strength and posture as well like arm curls, swimming, pushups and bench press.
  2. Take a proper diet as it provides nourishment to the skin and maintains the optimal weight of your body. If overweight, it puts on the pressure on the skin tissue and it may add the weight on the breasts which results in sagging.
  3. Avoid smoking as it is harmful to the skin and the overall health.
  4. Drink enough amount of water throughout the day and keep your body hydrated.
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