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Nila Chitrak (Plumbago Auriculata) - Uses & Health Benefits

Nila Chitrak (Plumbago Auriculata)

(Ref: Bhavaprakasa Nighantu)


Word plumbago is derived from Latin word plumbum it means an effective cure for lead poisoning. Root, bark and aerial parts of plant contains various chemicals compounds and are used for their herbal medicinal properties. It is used in Ayurveda for treating various ailments like inflammation, fever, headache, toothache and excessive body pain. It is anti-oxidant and analgesic in nature and also used as stimulant for nervous system.

Plant Description

Plumbago Auriculata is basically a scrambling shrub that grows up to 5-10ft in height. Shrub is dark green in colour, after maturity, it changes its colour to light brown. Leaves are thin in texture and green in colour and also contains minute and tiny gland dots. Leaves of this plant contains white residue underneath. Plant bears beautiful blue coloured flowers and flowering season of the plant is summers. Flowers of this shrub contains glandular hair that secrete a sticky material or mucilage that helps to trap little insects inside. Fruits are capsules that split into five parts.


Basically, this plant is native of South Africa and it is majorly distributed in tropical and sub-tropical regions of South Africa. It is commonly found around southern and eastern capes. Now it is also grown in Sri Lanka, China, Southern Europe and also found in England. In India, this plant is cultivated as outdoor and indoor ornamental plants.


  • Latin name - Plumbago Auriculata
  • English name - Cape Plumbago, Blue Plumbago, Cape Leadwort
  • Hindi name - Nila Chitrak
  • Chinese name - Ian-Zue-Hua
  • Thai name - Chittamuun
  • German name - Zahnkraut
  • Tamil name - Neela Kodiveli
  • Sanskrit name - Krishna Chitraka

Health benefits of Nila Chitrak (Plumbago Auriculata)

  • Decoction of roots of Plumbago Ariculata is used to treat black water fever.
  • Infusion prepared by roots of this herb is emetic in nature. It is used to induce vomiting.
  • Root powder is very beneficial to treat warts.
  • Snuffing of root powder helps to relieve severe headache.
  • Root powder is beneficial for bone related problems and also used to reduce joint inflammation.

Uses of Nila Chitrak (Plumbago Auriculata)

  • External paste of leaves and roots are applied over fresh injuries or wounds to stop bleeding.
  • Roots are also effective for wound healing and healing internal injuries.
  • Roots are also very effective analgesic that helps to relieve excessive pain and inflammation.

Medicinal properties of Nila Chitrak (Plumbago Auriculata)

  • Plumbagin present in this beneficial herb is very effective antifungal that helps body cells to fight against various infections.
  • It is also a beneficial cardiac tonic. This herb is cardio protective and protect our heart from risk of various disorders.
  • Plant also have properties that helps our body cells to fight against cancerous cells.
  • It is also effective herb for treating severe toothache.
  • It is anti-haemorrhagic agent that helps to stop excessive bleeding easily.
  • Plumbagin present in this plant is also very effective cardio tonic that is very beneficial for treating various heart related disorders.
  • It also possesses properties to fight against cancerous cells.
  • Root extract is also very effective for treating indigestion and hyperacidity.


Excessive use of this herb can cause skin irritation and blisters.

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