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Patha / Abuta / Cissampelos Pareira

Patha, Abuta (Cissampelos Pareira) Patha is selender climbing shrub with pubescent branches. Leaves of this herb are peltate about 12cm long. Yellow colored flowers of this plant are very small. Flower contains four hairy, obovate and oblong sepals. Peduncle of male flowers is 18mm long and arranged in axillary cymes. Female flowers of this herb are solitary or twin, elongate and axillary racemes. Length of filaments is longer than corolla. Fruits are drupe, 6mm long and 4mm broad. Fresh Fruits are compressed, hairy-pubescent, subglobose, red colored, transversely ridged, endocarp and turn black after ripening. Fruit contains seeds that are like […]


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