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Ahiphenasava Reference – Bhaisajya Ratnavali, Atisaradhikara, page no.100-101. Introduction Ahiphenasava is known as an ayurvedic poly herbal formulation. Asava preperations contains self-generated alcohols. Acharya Charka explains asava as:- “Esham Asutvat Asava Sanjya” It states asava are those formulation which prepared by “Asuta Prakriya” means fermentation. Asava is prepared from juices of medicinal herbs without using the process of heat. It is done by burying the sealed pots in grounds or husk for at least one month succeeded by filtration. The active principles of self-generated alcohols during fermentation are extracted from their ingredients. The main ingredient of Ahiphenasava is ahipena, also […]


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