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Aralu / Ailanthus Excelsa

Aralu (Ailanthus Excelsa) Aralu is also known as Ailanthus Excelsa, one of the common names of this herb is “sona patha”. It belongs to Simarubaceae family. It is a big tree with a bad odor and a bitter taste. Common synonyms of Ailanthus Excelsa English name – Indian tree of heaven, Coramandel Ailanto. Hindi name – Adu Ghoda Neem, Ghoda Karanj. Sanskrit name – Pooti Vruksha, Deergha Vrunta, Mahanimba, Katavanga etc. Occurrence Aralu has been frequently compared with Shyonak (Oroxylum Indicum) another important plant in Ayurvedic system of medicines. It grows commonly in India and Sri Lanka up to the […]


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