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Ajmodadi Churna

Ajmodadi Churna – Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage Refernce: Rasatantra Saar Introduction Ajmodadi Churna is a powdered herbal formulation. It is a superior medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ajmod or Celery is the main ingredient of this formulation. It’s very light to digest and pierces through the deep tissues in order to heal them. It also heals Vata and Kapha. It has a hot potency. Ingredients S. No. Name Latin Name Quantity 1. Ajmod/Celery Carum roxburghianum 12 g 2. Vayavidang Embelia ribes 12 g 3. Saindhav lavana (Rock salt) 12 g 4. Devdaru Cedrus deodara 12 g 5. Chitraka/Leadwort Plumbago zeylanica […]


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