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Akik Pishti

Akik Pishti Reference – Rasodhdhar Tantra Bhasma Pishti Prakarana. Introduction Akik Pishti is an ayurvedic formulation that is known to consist of mixture of minerals and herbs. Agate powder, which is known with the name of Akik churna, is one of the main ingredient of this formulation. This formulation is known to treat the problems related with heart, mental health and eyes. Ingredients Akik Churna – Silicon dioxide (Cryptocrystalline silica) Aloe vera juice – Aloe Barbadensis’s juice Ketaki juice – Pandanus odoratissimus’s juice Banana stem juice – Musa acuminata’s juice Jalapippali – Phyla nodiflora Method of Preparation First of all, […]


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