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Avipattikar Churna

Avipattikar Churna Reference – Rasatantra Sara (first part); edition 13; 667-668. Introduction Avipattikar Churna is an herbal formulation that consists of various herbs mixture. This is known for its carminative and purgative properties. As the name suggests “Avipatti” mean to get rid from troubles. This is traditionally used to remove excess pitta dosha from the body. Ingredients Baheda (Terminalia bellirica) Dry ginger powder (Zingiber officinale) Black pepper (Piper nigrum) Peepal (Ficus religiosa) Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) Amla (Emblica officinalis) Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus) Vidanga (Embelia ribes) Tejpatta (Laurus nobilis) Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) Green cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) Nisoth (Operculina turpethum) Mishri (Sugar cubes) […]


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