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Chaturmukhodaya Bhaskara

Chaturmukhodaya Bhaskara – Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage Reference: Basavarajeeyam Introduction Chaturmukhodaya Bhaskara is a classical preparation in Ayurveda that has useful effects in Vata related disorders. Ingredients Abhraka Bhasma Pravala Bhasma Rasa Sindhura Dosage Consume 10 grams of this medicine in 35 doses along with Jeeraka Churna or Honey asdirected by Ayurvedic Physician. Therapeutic Uses It has efficient use in Vata Disorder like pain etc. It also helps in controlling the problem of numbness and tingling sensation in the body. Contraindications/ Side Effects Self-medication with product might be unsafe. Keep it away from the reach of children Better to […]


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