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Chausath Prahari Pippali

Chausath Prahari Pippali – Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage Introduction Chausath Prahari Pippali is a classical preparation in Ayurvedic medicine that is useful in Vata and Kapha diseases. This is herbal medicine that has carminative, stimulant, laxative and appetizing properties. It is a potent Ayurvedic remedy for both respiratory and digestive diseases. Ingredients Chhoti pippali powder Badi pippali fant (Infusion in hot water) Method of Preparation To get this medicine choti pippali is triturated with juice of badi pippali constantly for 192 hours. Dosage Consume 250-500 mg 2 times a day along with honey or as suggested by physician. Therapeutic […]


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