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Major Benefits of Green Tea for Pregnant Women

The green tea consists of number of antioxidants, which are considered to be very helpful in losing weight, cancer and many other medical complications. However, for the pregnant women it is important that they should take the green tea in moderations only. The main reason behind this is that there can be many risk factors which can be associated with the green tea for a woman who is going through her pregnancy. One of the major risk factors of the green tea is the neural tube defect, which can be serious defect of birth and it is basically caused during and before the pregnancy. However, besides of these factors an individual cannot overlook the other benefits of the green tea for the pregnant women. For the pregnant women it is essential that they should not take more than one cup of in order to avoid complications.

Benefits of Green Tea

There are a large number of benefits which the pregnant women can take from green tea. These are as given below:-

1. Lower Blood Sugar

The pregnant women are considered to be more prone to diabetes, especially the gestational diabetes. During pregnancy, the placenta basically produces the hormones which are considered to be very helpful for the mother to sustain their baby's health. However, the hormones which are produced make the cells resistant to insulin. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the insulin to absorb the glucose from the body, this further result into the elevated sugar levels. Here the green tea is can be very effective for lowering the sugar level in our body. According to the reports of the University of Maryland medical center, the green tea is very helpful in controlling the sugar levels in our body. Moreover, the animal studies also have revealed the fact that the green tea is very effective in preventing the diabetes of type 1 and it can slow down its effect if you are suffering from it.

2. Lower Cholesterol

It is quite obvious that the pregnant women gains more appetite in order to sustain her baby, however in this case the cholesterol levels in the body are also increased. This can also give rise to a disease known as preeclampsia. In this type of disease, women gain excessive weight abnormally and develop the problem of high blood pressure. The preeclampsia can threaten the life of mother as well as child. However, in this case also the green tea is also considered as very helpful in reducing the cholesterol level in our body and enhances the HDL which is also sometimes termed as good cholesterol. The polyphones which are present in the leaves of green tea are also considered to be very helpful preventing the intestinal absorption of LDL or the bad cholesterol.

3. Prevent Gum Infection

The pregnant women are also prone to periodontal disease in which the you might find the appearance of large lump on inflamed gum tissue. This is the lump which appears on the gum line however, it is non-cancerous but it can create difficulty in talking and eating. However, if you are drinking the regular one cup of green tea everyday you can keep this type of complication away from you.


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