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Word prakriti is derived from two words- PRA + KRITI. Pra means the beginning or source of origin and kriti means to form. Combined meaning of prakriti is natural form or natural source. Word swabhab, sharrir and uttpati are used for prakriti in vedic litrerature. Prakriti is our body constitution. Every human being is born with definite genetic, constitution, determined by three doshas and environmental factors. Every human being is unique in shape and size. Physical, psychological and spiritual aspects are also different. Purusha a complete combination of dosha, dhatu, indriya, manas, budhi and atma. Every human body has panchmahabhuta, tridosha and triguna and all these are decided at the time of birth. Prakriti associated with physique, physiology and psychology is "DEH PRAKRITI" and parkriti associated to three gunas (satva, raja and tama) is called "MANAS PRAKRITI".


  • Satva
  • Raja
  • Tama


  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha


  • Prithavi
  • Jala
  • Vayu
  • Akaash
  • Agni

Our mind is significantly affected by satva. Real nature of human mind is satva but raja and tama also affect it. Natural human body prakriti cannot be changed. It is fixed at the time of conception. Manas prakriti is not static and it can be change. We cannot co-relate tridosha with mind. From the beginning to end sattva is always there. As we grow raja and tama increases. We also need tama guna, it is very essential for a good sleep.


According to triguna manas prakriti is divided into three types:-

1. Satavja prakriti

Satvic mind denotes kindness, truth, faith and good memory. Those people who have satvic mind has no obsession to materialistic things. They never hurt others. They have very calm way for expressing truth. They are very religious and have great faith in god. They are very sharp minded and hard working. They do not work for the desire of phala or we can say that they have no any focus on karam phala.

2. Raja prakriti

Person who has raja prakriti face excessive difficulties in their life (atidukha). They are very overwhelming and over anxious. They are fully materialistic have great lust for food and money. They have great sense of pride (ahankara).

3. Tama prakriti

People with tamasic prakriti are very ignorant and unconscious. Tamsic prakriti person never achieves moksha. They are very lazy and are not able to make any decisions. They cannot differentiate between real and fake.

These three types of prakriti are further divided into different subtypes according to guna.


1. Brahma kaya

Features of brahma kaya are great belief in god, Cleanliness, worshipping, good quality to do sacrifices, purity, love for truth and scriptures. People of brahma kaya are fond of reading vedas and religious books.

2. Mahendra kaya

Features of mahendra kaya are courage, great quality of command, glory, kindness and great knowledge of science.

3. Varun kaya

People with varun kaya have desire for cold, forbearance, their body, hair and eye color is brown. Way of talking is very affectionate.

4. Kauber kaya

People with kauber kaya always adopt middle way in their activities. They have great capacity to stand in difficulties. They have great acquisition for wealth and have great desire to produce number of offspring's.

5. Gandharv kaya

People with gandharv kaya are very fond towards perfumes and garlands. They love dancing, singing and playing instruments. They have great desire to visit different places.

6. Yamya kaya

Important feature of yamya kaya is ability to perform right action with great determination power. People with this kaya are courageous, have excellent memory, love cleanliness and have great passion.

7. Rishi kaya

Those who have rishi kaya are possessed with excellent general and special knowledge. They have regular practice of meditation. They love to study scriptures and are very religious.


1. Asura kaya

People with asura kaya are very healthy and wealthy. They have very terrifying look. They looks very ugly and feeling jealous for others. They are very angry in nature. They consume food in very large quantity and love to eat food lonely.

2. Rakshasa kaya

People with rakshasa kaya are very ugly and terrifying in nature. They easily understand things without help of others.

3. Paishacha kaya

People with paisacha kaya love to eat food discarded by others. They are very cruel and never shy. They are full of adventures and have great desire for females.

4. Preta kaya

Features of preta kaya are laziness, jealous, always full of grief. They never wants to share anything with others and hate to give anything to others.

5. Shakuna kaya

Main features of shakuna kaya are excess indulging in sexual pleasures. They are very impatient and love wandering. They can consume food in great quantity without any break.

6. Sarpa kaya

People of sarpa kaya are very quick in action and gets tired very quickly. They are fearful, angry, unsteady, deceiving and have great desire of recreation.


1. Pashu kaya

People with pashu kaya love sluggish activities and always have bad thinking for others. They always deny things and have great desire for copulation all the day.

2. Matsaya kaya

Main feature of matsya kaya are great desire for water. People with this kaya are very unsteady and idiot by nature. They love to fight with others.

3. Vanaspatya kaya

People with vanaspatya kaya are very stable and they love to on particular places for several hours. They are very devoted to lust and wealth. They consumes food all the time. They never follow truth and religious.

Hence every human being is a combination of dosh, dhatu, indriya and mala. Balance between all these components is called prakriti and imbalance is called vikruti.


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