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Mandrake - Herbal Remedy for Rheumatism

  • Botanical Name- Atropa mandragora
  • Family Name- Solanaceae
  • Other Name- Satan's Apple, mandragora, love apple, Circe's plant, Dudaim

Uses Of  Mandrake

  • Emetic therapy
  • Rheumatism
  • Infections
  • Sexual problems

Health Benefits Mandrake

  • The fresh root operates very powerfully as an emetic and purgative. The dried bark of the root was used also as a rough emetic
  • The root finely scraped into a pulp and mixed with brandy was said to be efficacious in chronic rheumatism
  • It can help reduce infections, and also has laxative properties when ingested in a suspension
  • When used properly in magickal spells mandrake is used to increase sexual desire
  • The decoction is useful for cough , cold, asthma and other bronchitis disorders

Parts Used

Whole plant


Decoction- 5 to 10ml




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