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Natural Treatment for Back Pain

Due to the deskbound lifestyle, back pain has become extremely popular these days. There are various types of back pain. They may be lower back pain, middle back pain and upper back pain. This is one of the major discomforts experienced by adults to a huge extent. Back pain includes sore muscles, tendons, ligaments, fractures, herniated discs and many more such situations. Back pain is not always developed in a short period of time. It may have developed over many years.

Causes of Back Pain


Fractures or injuries in the spines or wear and tear of the ligaments can give rise to acute chronic backache. Low bone density, weak bones, fractured spines or improper way of twisting and turning also give rise to back pain. Falls and accidents are some other reasons, which give rise to tremendous backache at times.

Mechanical Issues

These include postures, intervertebral disc generation, wearing away of the joints are the major mechanical issues, which lead to back pain.


Many a time, tumor spreads in the back due to the presence of cancerous cells in various other parts of the body. This gives rise to backache.

Infections and Diseases

Osteomyelitis is a common infection of the bones, which causes back pain. Also, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis, scoliosis, endometriosis, spondylitis, kidney stones, fibromyalgia may give rise to tremendous backache. Also, women during pregnancy suffer from back pain to a huge extent.

Besides these causes, emotional stress also may be an important cause of back pain.

Persistent ache, stiffness near the spine, localized ache in the upper, middle and lower back, pain in the buttock, inability to stand for a long time are some of the important symptoms, which clearly portray that a person is suffering from back pain.

To get rid of this painful situation, regular exercise, practicing the correct posture, yoga, stretching and maintaining a regular balanced diet are essential. These provide the perfect respite from the chronic pains.

Apart from these natural ways, there are herbal remedies provided by Planet Ayurveda, which help to fight the problem.

Herbal Remedy to Prevent Back Pain

Joint Aid Plus

Planet Ayurveda offers effective herbal remedy "Joint Aid Plus" for natural treatment of back pain. It is the perfect blend of the following herbs.

  • Nirgundi – It is scientifically known as Vitex negundo. It helps to treat inflammation in the joints and is an anti-arthritic herb.
  • Shallaki – It is known as Boswellia serrata. The resin extracted from the tree is used to treat backache effectively. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to treat spondylitis effectively.
  • Guggul – This herb mainly uses the bark extracts of the tree. It is also known as Commiphora mukul. It works synergistically to provide relief from pains and inflammation. It provides instant relief from back pain.
  • Sonth – Sonth or Zingiber officinale is extremely effective for treating pains. It is a tremendous anti-inflammatory agent and is effective in treating back pains and joint pains as well.
  • Ashwagandha – Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha is a tremendous Ayurvedic herb. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-stress characteristics. It also helps to get rid of stress and feel relief against back ache.

Dose – Daily 2 capsules two times.

Joint Aid Plus capsules have the tremendous potential to treat spondylitis, chronic pain, acute joint pains and many such discomforts. Morning stiffness, inflammation and swelling of the various parts of the body can also be treated efficiently with the ayurvedic herbal supplement. It is a wonderful gift of Planet Ayurveda to mankind. It is extremely safe to use and 100 percent pure and vegetarian. It does not have any side effect at all. All the ingredients, which comprise the medicine, are totally pure and devoid of any chemicals, artificial preservatives and flavors.

Now, there is absolutely no reason to bear with the pain and experience back ache even if you have a deskbound working atmosphere. You have every opportunity to live healthy and happy. Just follow the natural ways regularly and with dedication and determination as mentioned above and consume the herbal supplement, Joint Aid Plus capsules and get rid of pain, stiffness or any other discomfort easily.


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