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Natural Treatment for Various Skin Problems

Interview of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Namaskar. Today I am noticing that very serious diseases that have very effective treatment available in Ayurveda. Like blood disorders, kidney failures, liver failures, and so many other serious problems which have seen getting cured by Ayurvedic treatment but there are some regular problems which we don't take seriously like pimples over face, wrinkles over face and face skin become blackish in colour mostly in females. Sometimes such problems are faced by male too. Their face turns black too. So why face turns black and how we can treat it in Ayurveda. So today, I will discuss with you about that. It is possible to clear the face.

In Ayurveda, we have such herbs which can remove toxins from the blood and your face can become fresh and glow like before. So we will have a look on some of the reasons like stress, no proper sleep, less intake of water and like pollution is too much outside and you don't clean your face after coming from outside, doing no exercise are some of the reasons. Ahar vihar should be perfect. No intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and salads in the diet leads to deficiency of vitamins and minerals. There are many vitamins and minerals which give strength to our body such as vitamin A, B complex and other minerals like sulphur which we usually ignore. So in Ayurveda we have been told that people should follow natural lifestyle, ignore artificial foods and improve breathing capabilities, do pranayama in the morning.

For skin, take lots of fruits and vegetables as they give moisture and also have lots of vitamins in them. Use lots of water. So body can get detoxify. I tell you a simple home remedy-take 10 gm mulethi Churna and add chandana powder (5gm) in it and also add neem powder (5gm) and turmeric powder (5gm). Neem and Haldi are natural antibiotics. Mulethi gives moisture and also help in wound healing and also add 2 tsp. of aloe Vera gel and also add rose water. Clean face with some skin toner and then apply this face mask over face. Apply this face mask twice in the week and you will see difference. Natural glow powder of Planet Ayurveda have also same ingredients even it have orange peel off powder too which can take out the dirt from pores and will give natural glow to the face.

Apart from this, I will suggest you people to eat fruits and vegetables and do deep breath exercises, do pranayama and walk naked feet on the grass in the morning which keeps eyesight healthy. Along with this, you can take Gandhak rasayana tablets, neem capsules for purification of blood, radiant skin hair nail formula in which we have added chirayta extract. Chirayata is Ayurvedic herb which is bitter in taste and purifies blood. Manjistha Capsules is rakt prasadhan drug which purifies blood. I mostly see that our lady patients tells we will take these capsules regularly as by taking them their skin start glowing. For those girls and boys who have pimples or acne can have Kaishore guggul, 2 tablets in morning , afternoon and in night and can have neem juice or can have neem capsules from Planet Ayurveda and use Manjistha too.

So like this when we take blood purifier, skin problems like blemishes over face, black discoloration can go away. In this basically there is an imbalance of vata and pitta. Vayu causes black coloration, stress imbalances vayu and due to improper eating habits, pitta gets imbalanced. It leads to acidity, constipation in the stomach. Eat simple and fresh food. Take a hot meal and don't eat frozen items. Avoid mac Donald's burger, cheese, pasta and other junk food items in market. Don't drink carbonated drinks like coke, Fanta, pepsi as they have CO2 in them. God makes our system to exclude CO2 from our body, but we waste our money to purchase these carbonated drinks. Your body should gain strength after eating food, but if you feel weakness means you eat the wrong food or your digestive strength is weak. For that, you can take Triphala Churna regularly. It acts as an antacid, clears the stomach and also enhances the life.

So like this I mentioned some points like face wash, late night sleep. In ayurveda there are pudiyas, I also gave them. In it, there are Prawal pisthi 5gm, jahar mohra pisthi 5gm, kahrwa pisthi 5gm, akik pisthi 5gm, kamdhudha ras 5gm, mukta pisthi 2gm, giloy satva 10 gms and savaran makshik bhasma 5gm. Svarana makshik bhasma have Gandhak, copper, iron. Some time in Gandhak deficiency we give savarin makshik, pisthi 5gm, mukta pisthi 2gm and giloy satva 10 gm. Take all these and mix them well and make 40 pudiyas and take one pudiya in morning and evening. Take this pudiya with honey or with gulkand. Drink lot of coconut water as these problems occur due to pitta vridhi. Keep stomach clean. Take abhyaristha, abhya is Haritaki and it will keep detoxify the system. Arogyavardhini vati detoxify the liver so you can take one tablet in morning and evening.

So all this comes in our Skin Care Pack. Like here we have neem capsules. You can take 2 caps in the morning and evening. Manjistha Capsules 2 in morning and evening. And this is a face serum. A person who has blemishes and very chronic in nature, it is very useful. Apply this during night and sleep. Use it regularly. Apart from this, I also mentioned radiant skin hair nail is also very good. So I cover the whole topic. And yes, you can add aloe Vera gel in face pack as I told you. Take vitamins naturally, avoid tablets of them. Take a carrot, pomegranate, and other natural fruit and vegetables that will bring a glow over your face. Thanks very much so I hope you will take care of your face and also will stay away from diseases. Thank you.


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