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What are Therapeutic Uses and Health Benefits of Oat Seed (Avena sativa)?

Oat Seed, Avena sativa

What is Oat Seed?

Oat seed is also known as the "Natural Viagra". This herb is becoming a natural alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers and has no side effects. It stimulates both men and women quickly and these stimulating effects are well observed in the animals especially the horses. Extract of oat seed can be used in treating skin complaints such as itching, redness, rashes, dryness etc.

It is a rich source of iron, manganese, zinc, and carbohydrates. Its botanical name is Avena sativa and it belongs to family Gramineae. Other common names are Common oat, Oatmeal, Oat straw.


Oat seed is an annual herb that grows up to 1.2 m in height. It is native to Europe, Southwest Asia, and other temperate regions. Root is fibrous and it grows into the neighboring plants. Its leaves are wider than the other grains. The stem is jointed and hollow. Seeds are elongated and are covered with silky hair. These are more winter sensitive than other grains.

Part Used


What are the Medicinal Uses of Oat Seed?

  • Oat seed is useful in treating general weakness, stress, insomnia and nervous disorders.
  • This herb helps in providing relief from itching, eczema and other skin and urinary problems.
  • It also treats flu, cold, cough and rheumatism.
  • It improves stamina of the body.

What are the Therapeutic Uses of Oat Seed?

Uterus problems

Oat seed is used as a nervine and uterine tonic. This herb regulates the menstrual cycle and treats symptoms like pelvic pressure, heavy bleeding etc. It may shrink fibroids and balances the hormonal level. It also relaxes the muscles of the uterus and maintains its tonicity.

Urinary disorders

This herb is helpful in treating urinary disorders such as excessive micturition, burning micturition, urinary incontinence, etc. By its antibiotic property, it stops the growth of microbes and kills them. It acts as a diuretic that relaxes the muscles of the urinary bladder and increases the production of urine.

Stress and insomnia

Oat seed is an anti-depressant that calms the muscles of the brain and induces sleep. This herb improves the quality and duration of sleep. It also acts as an anti-stress that reduces the production of stress hormones and also has a sedative property that keeps the brain calm and healthy.

Cough and flu

This herb acts as a cough suppressant that reduces the cough reflex by affecting the certain part (cough center) of the brain. By its mucolytic property, it decreases the mucus production and loosens the mucus that can ease the stuffy nose.

Stamina and general weakness

Oat seed is very effective in treating impotence and premature ejaculation by slowing down the damage of nerves and maintains the amount of blood that flows towards the penis. This herb also increases the hormonal level and induces the production of testosterone. In women, this herb acts as an aphrodisiac that relaxes the body which in turn allows an increase in the desire. It also acts as a heart tonic that keeps the fats under control and reduces the cholesterol level.


Oat seed reduces the immune response by acting as an immunosuppressive. This herb acts as an analgesic that alleviates the pain as well as inflammation. It treats the mechanical disorders such as degeneration of joints and articular cartilages. It also provides relief from other symptoms such as loss of appetite, redness, dry mouth etc.

The Preparations Made by Oat Seed

  • Tincture
  • Infusion
  • Decoction

Dosage of these Preparations

  • Tincture: 2ml
  • Infusion: 15 ml
  • Decoction: 5 to 10 ml


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