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What are the Health Benefits and Uses of Osha Root (Ligusticum Porteri) ?

Osha Root

All herbal remedies have one or the other benefits; they do provide a helping hand in soothing down your ailments. So does Osha root, which is often referred as love root, love age or bear medicine as usually the wild animal bear loves chewing it and then begins nuzzling each other. It is often used in many medicines for its effective results. It contains oxytocin, a strong hormone. This herb is the best to clean up the whole respiratory system. It gels well with cooling licorice root, horehound and mullein.

Osha root has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal features help support the health of the whole body, but mostly it is used for diseases related to the respiratory system like colds, cough, tonsillitis, fever and many such viral infections. These days the herb has earned a name for curing flu and common cold that comes often in the beginning of winters. It is usually consumed in higher altitudes or when you start hiking to a long distance. At least it keeps the breathing easier. It can be available in various forms, capsules, syrups and, most commonly in tinctures. The Osha root herb can be grown in your kitchen garden, but mostly it is found in the jungles and mountainous rocks. Osha often grows in extensive, thick patches and prefers moist, fertile ground. Growing it yourself is not a difficult task, it's simple and affordable.

Its extract, will take out its medicinal qualities of its root and make a flavorful dark tea, which you can enjoy sipping or it can be added to any brand that you are used to having. Now how to make it, dips a handful of dried roots into many cups of plain water. Boil the water and let it simmer for at least half an hour. But we prefer more hours, the longer you simmer the better and stronger it emerges, for 5 or 6 hours or all day long, a lengthy slow simmer. The water becomes transparent with a grey-brown tinge and will reflect the root's color and it carries all the benefits. Sip it the way you drink tea of hot coffee. It is best if you sip it with a healthy fat, thus calming the aggressive kava root.

How to Make Osha Root Tea?

Get a cup of Osha root, 2 teaspoons of powdered kava root and 1/4 cup of milk or coconut milk. Blend all these in a blender. If you like, strain it with a tea strainer or a cheese cloth and put it on the flames, just to warm it and not boil it. Enjoy sipping all alone or with your spouse or any near and dear ones.

How does Osha Root help in getting Rid of some Diseases?

Cleans Respiratory Troubles

It is capable of making breathing easier in various ways. It gets rid of mucus from the lungs and sinuses. This relieves the hindrances and cleans the air vessels, making breathing easier. It helps make these airways a little wider. It improves the blood circulation and gives more blood to the lungs. Thus, it is able to tackle asthma, allergies, pneumonia and emphysema. It also gets more oxygen to the lungs, improving their efficiency to function better. Most people use Osha root to increase endurance of their ages These functions increase the gas exchange through the alveoli in the lungs. Osha root is responsible for creating healthy lungs that can do deep breathing.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

Usually it is used to heal common cold and fever. When winter is on the onset, you become more prone to catching cold symptoms; bleeding nose, cough and a slight flu also come along. Although the Osha root doesn't take a direct action, but the effects of its tincture can get rid of this menace, if you already have this menace it will speed up your recovery. Its best benefit is its numbing effect, it smoothens the irritated tissues of the sore throat. It can be added to cough medicines or made a cough syrup itself, will be a lot more effective that many other cough relief syrups that are available in the market.

Warming Herb

Osha root is considered to be a warming herb during winter and vice versa proves to be a cool herb during summer.

Wound Curing

Due to its anti-oxidant features, Osha root helps in healing the wounds that you have on any part of the body in a much faster way than the normal.


It has an excellent taste and flavor as it has a celery. Its flavor is like so intoxicating, strong and yet tender and just superb. Osha root's aroma penetrates the soil all around it, stays with you for hours, and reminds you of its wild and untamable spirit.

Making its Tincture

Take 1 and a 1/2 cups of Osha root and place the roots in a jar and pour vodka in it and 2 teaspoons of agave nectar or honey. Wait until the tincture turns dark brown… usually 3 or 4 days or longer and then it's ready to drink and enjoy it's benefits.

Who should Avoid Consumption of Osha Root?

But pregnant and nursing ladies be aware, you people better avoid consuming the Osha root, though it doesn't have any side effects. It becomes difficult for growing this plant commercially; generally it is available in wilds. You have to go out there and gather it.

Are you still Searching to find an Authentic Osha Root Remedy?

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