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(General Body Massage)

abhyangam, panchkarma, therapy, procedures

This is synchronized (vidhi) whole body massage from head to the toe with warm medicated oils and oils are chosen by the Ayurvedic doctors according to the Prakruti (psychosomatic constitution) and illness.

The massage is done by one/two experts in a soft rhythmic way for about 40-60 minutes in a seven different position - 1- Sitting, 2- Lying, 3- On right side, 4- On stomach, 5- On left side, 6- Lying on back, 7- Again on sitting, so as to cover each and every part of body followed back herbal steam bath for about15 minutes as told by Acharayas (Ayurvedic scholars).

The regular massage once in week (as told in shastras) protects from stress, anxiety, exhaustion and vata disorder. This massage nourishes the body, extends life span, provide good sleep, vision and better physical stability. This also creates sense of inner peace and improves skin texture and complexion.

This massage is beneficial in maintaining the body in proper shape as it prevents the accumulation of fats in tissue. It also improves complexion, texture and provides softness and shine to the skin.


(Stress Relieving Therapy)

shirodharam, shirodhara, panchkarma, therapy, procedures

Shirodhara is a traditional Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy. Dhara (continuous flow) of medicated herbal oil/buttermilk/ghee is poured over shiras (head) is called Shirodhara.

It starts with Abhyangam for about 20-30 minutes then through Dhatra pot (specially designed vessel), a Dhara is poured in constant flow in centre of forehead (location of third eye). Combination of oils is decided by Ayurvedic doctors according to the constitution of body. In it oil is maintained at a particular temperature for about 30-45 minutes followed by gentle massage on forehead.

The pressure created meticulously on third eye point through this procedure which rejuvenates the pineal gland i.e. the Brain of Brain. When pineal gland gets rejuvenated, it automatically increases the efficiency of the brain in all respects.

This treatment is done in absolute silence. It takes you to deep relaxation and balanced state of rest in mind and body. It helps to relieves insomnia, stress, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headache, hypertension, hair problem and gives mental relaxation. It helps to overcome stress and have ill effect on nervous system.

Those patient suffering from insomnia will go in deep sleep while administering the therapy. It will tune up brain and improve mind therapy.


pizhichil, panchkarma, therapy, procedures

Phizhichil is a special treatment which is a combination of oil massage and heat treatment. This therapy is also known as treatment for aristocrats as in older days the Maharajas (Kings of India) used to have this treatment.

A gentle massage provided under a constant flow of warm medicated oil. This Ayurveda treatment involves squeezing of cloth soaked in oils over the body. In it patient is made to lie on an Ayurvedic droni specially made for this purpose and medicated oil is poured over head and body in a constant flow.

This treatment starts and ends with a patient in sitting position. Patient is also made to lie flat and both side also. This treatment is highly valued by many people and produces good results in joint pain and muscle tension.

Duration and oils is decided by Ayurvedic Doctors according to the constitution and illness of body.

It increases blood circulation, nourishes muscles, nerve tissue and sexual ability. This will prevent ageing, wrinkles and widely used to cure Rheumatic Arthritis, Spastic muscle disorder and joint pains.


face care, panchkarma, panchakarma, therapy, procedures

It is a special treatment for Blemishes and sun tan. In it face is massaged with special herbal creams and oils and steam with medicated milk is given followed by massage with special rice (In Ayurveda known as Raktha Shali) boluses is given for about 20 minutes. Depending on area of pigmentation, the treatment courses will vary from 3-10 sittings.


kayakalpam, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

It is a two hour procedure in which General Body Massage, Head Massage, Face Massage, Special Face Care Therapy and Herbal Steam Bath is given. Kayakalpam tones up skin and rejuvenates and strengthens all the body tissues to achieve ideal health and longevity. Increases primary vitality and increases the resistance power of body. It also gives physical stability and makes you to have sound sleep.


podikizhi, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

Podikizhi is a special massage with poultice form of herbal powders and medicated powder with warm herbal medicated decoction. It helps in reducing obesity, promotes circulation, increases perspiration which in turns eliminates wastes and revitalizes the skin, therefore improving skin tone. It relieves from joint pains, rheumatism, arthritis, gout and muscular disorder.


elakizhi, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

This is also a special body massage done with poultice form of medicated herbs and then these herbs get warm by dipping it in warm medicated oil then massaged all over the body. This is very helpful in reducing stiffness, inflammation, pains all over the body. It has a great effect in paralysis and arthritis, frozen shoulders.


pichu, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

This is a special treatment done with warm medicated oil and soaked cotton swab. It is very helpful in joint pains, rheumatic arthritis, sprain, tear of ligament and muscle.


njavarkizhi, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

It is a special form of treatment widely practiced in Kerala. The body is made to perspire with the pudding form of rice (known as Raktha shali in Shastras) in form of boluses tied up in cloth bags.

This is mainly indicated in disease of Nervous system, muscular dystrophy, loss of muscles, paralysis and facial palsy. It is also useful in skin complexion, removing blemishes and sun tan.

It has good results in rheumatic arthritis, pain of joints and osteoarthritis etc.


takradhara, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

It is a form of dhara treatment with medicated herbal buttermilk in which continuous flow is poured over the body in a rhythmic manner. This treatment is very beneficial in psychosomatic diseases like psoriasis, stress and strain. It has also good effect in chronic insomnia.


nasyam, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

The nose is the doorway to our brain and it is also the doorway to consciousness. The nasal administration of medication in Ayurvedic is known as Nasyam. An excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is removed through this process by means of the nearest possible opening which is the nose.

Herbal oils, juices etc. are administered through nose as prescribed by Ayurvedic Physicians.

It is beneficial in Headache, Premature Graying of Hairs, Clarity of Voice, Facial palsy, Mental Disorder, Hemiplegia, Loss of smell and taste.

This is very helpful in curing Migraine and all kind of Chronic Headache.


tharpnam, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

In this treatment, Receptacle is formed of black gram dough around the eyes and medicated ghee is poured in it at a height of 1-2 inch above. Patient is asked to open and close the eyes. After around 5-6 minutes ghee should be removed. Exposure to strong light should be avoided for some time.


herbal, foot care, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

Feet are very important part of our body as they carry the burden of body so they should be cared most. In this, first the foot is dipped in special decoction form of herbal drugs, then a paste is applied on foot and foot massage is done to provide feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation of feet.

For tired and hard skin, foot soak can do wonders, provide energy and improves circulation.

It also softens the skin of feet, helps detoxification.

It also benefits your whole body and nervous system improving blood and lymph circulation.


shareera dhara, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

It is a special form of treatment in which special medicated oil and decoction is poured all over the body and one part also. The duration and medicine will be decided by Doctors.


upanaha sweda, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

In this treatment the paste of medicinal herbs are prepared and applied with leaves of medicinal plant then tied with cloth to support.

Herbs and paste are decided by Ayurvedic Doctors according to the disease of person. It is used in swollen joints, arthritis, inflammation and sprains.


kadee vasti, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

In this, the small receptacle is form in low back affected area of medicated Dough and warm medicated oil is poured in it. It is highly useful in gridasi (Sciatica) and low back ache.


shirovasti, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

In this procedure, medicated oil is in a cap fitted around the head. Oil is decided by Doctors according to the disease. This is useful in facial palsy and disease of head and neck.


udwarthanam, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

It is a powder massage which is done to reduce the cellulite accumulation on the body. Steam bath is also recommended after udwartanam. It reduces obesity, strengthens muscles, give mobility to joints.


skin whitening, prebridal, treatment, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

In this sitting special potli massage is given with decoction bath, herbal paste is applied all over the body to remove suntan and make the skin glow. Sittings will be decided by the doctor.


hair care, treatment, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

This procedure is useful for hair loss, graying of hair and dandruff.

In this treatment first head massage is done then special herbal pack is applied on hair.


thalam, panchkarma, therapy, panchakarma, procedures

In this treatment head massage is followed with application of herbal paste on the top of head for about 30-45 minutes.

It is commonly used in Migraine, Epilepsy and Insomnia.


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