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Panchkarma Massage Herbal Oils

Panchkarma is an authenticated way of massaging with herbal oils for the whole body. Panchkarma massage herbal oils helps in giving strength and freshness to the body and mind. It also reduces the blood pressure, promotes good sleep and rejuvenates the body naturally. Panchkarma massage is an Ayurvedic method of maintaining the equilibrium of mind and body. It helps in the eradication of toxic substances accumulated in the body. According to Ayurveda, herbal massage oils are regarded as an exclusive method of treatment. It is indicated for both healthy as well as diseased persons. A healthy person is advised to undergo a full course of Panchkarma massage herbal oils for attaining best overall health. Due to modern life style, food habits and diseases, our body becomes ground of unlimited toxic substances. Patients suffering from asthma, hypertension, obesity, arthritis, paralysis, rheumatism and skin problems get definitely helped by herbal massage oils.

Ayurveda is the ancient natural healing system and it originated as an integral part of the spiritual science of Vedas. It recognizes the deep-rooted relation between human body and mind. Classical panchkarma treatments are provided to thousands of people suffering from incurable ailments. We are also engaged in the manufacture of panchkarma massage herbal oils which comprise of rare Ayurvedic herbs. By our herbal massage oils, the toxins lodged even at the lower layer of the body get eliminated. These panchkarma treatments often bring out the deep-rooted origins of diseases to the surface level where they can be cured. Panchkarma is an effective treatment for complaints like arthritis, paralysis, numbness in muscles and joints sinusitis. Our herbal massage oils are regarded as a purification method for elimination of the vitiated Kapha from the body. It is effective in paralysis, insomnia and leads to relaxation.


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