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Everyone wants to lead a healthy life so that they can carry on with their responsibilities without any resistance, but some very common diseases like cough, cold and indigestion creates hurdle in the path and effects their efficiency.

To live an obstacle free life, Ayurvedic text has mentioned a magnificent herb Pippali.

  • Latin Name : Piper longum
  • Family : Piperaceae
  • Sanskrit Name : Ushna, Chapla, Kana
  • Hindi Name : Pippal
  • English Name : Long Pepper


It is an aromatic climber.

  • Leaves: They are dark in color, ovate or heart shaped & are about 2 to 3 inches in length.
  • Flowers: The plant bears flower during rainy season, male and female flowers both are borne on different plants.
  • Fruits: Fruits are ovoid in shape, orange and yellowish in color and they grow in early winters, drupes are about 1 inch in diameter.
  • Spikes: Once when ripened, spikes turn red in color.
  • Root: Perrineal woody root.


Moola (Roots) and Fruits are generally used.


It is found in Assam, Tamil Naidu, Andhra Pradesh in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and in other South East Asian regions.


  • Rasa (Taste) : Katu (Pungent)
  • Guna: Laghu (Light), Tikshna (Piercing)
  • Virya (Action) : Ushna (Hot)
  • Vipaka (Post Digestive Effect) : Madhura (Sweet)
  • Dosha: Vata and Kapha


  • Volatile Oil
  • Resin
  • Piperin
  • Piperlongumine
  • Piperlatin
  • Brachyamide A
  • Brachyamide B
  • Brachystine
  • Sterols
  • Glycosides


  • Pippali is known for detoxifying the lungs as it helps in treating cold and congestion.
  • It rejuvenates the lungs and balance kapha dosha, it even helps in expelling out the mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract.
  • Trikatu (it contains Pippali as one of its three content) is one of the most popular formulation used to mitigate the disease that occurs due to kapha dosha. It digests AMA (endotoxin) and also increases bioavailability of the drug, when it is used as a complementary medicine.
  • Pippali reduces the frequency of paroxysm, which causes the infection.
  • To treat Cough it is given along with saindhav namak (rock salt) in a mixture of cow ghee and honey in an unequal amount.
  • It helps you to deal with this common cough trouble. Planet Ayurveda brings to you a very effective herbal remedy that is Kaas Har Churna.
  • Kaas Har Churna acts as a bronchodilator, decongestant and an expectorant, it helps to remove accumulated mucus from the respiratory tract.
  • The churna along with Pippali also contains other natural ingredients like Mishri (Crystallized sugar lumps), Vanshlochan (Bambusa arundinacea), Ela (Eletteria cardamomum) and Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanica). If you are prone to cough and cold then this formulation is the best, as it will prevent recurring cold and cough.
  • Pippali also helps to deal with indigestion, as it cleanses the lining of the intestines. The herb helps to digest Ama (endotoxin).


  1. The herb is mixed with honey to control hiccups
  2. It is used as a sedative in insomnia and epilepsy
  3. Decoction of Pippali works effectively in dealing with sciatica and hemiplegia.
  4. Edema
  5. Headache
  6. Vitamin B1 deficiency
  7. Fever
  8. Stroke
  9. Polydepsia
  10. Psoriasis
  11. Some women take Pippali (Long pepper) after delivery along with some other herbs so that the uterus retain its normal size.
  12. Women also use it to treat menstrual cramps, infertility and libido.

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1. Kaas Har Churna

Pack Size : Per Jar of Kaas Har Churna contains 100 gm Herbal Powder.

Dosage : 1 teaspoonful twice daily with plain water or honey after meals.

Side Effects : No Side effects, can be used with other herbal supplements, vitamins or other herbal remedies or natural products.

For dealing with indigestion problems, Planet Ayurveda presents you with Digestion Support, an excellent herbal medicine to restore your digestive function naturally.

It helps to control acidity, flatulence, gas and also constipation. This churna stimulates liver, pancreas and intestine.

2. Digestion Support

Pack Size : Per Bottles of Digestion Support contains 60 Pure Veg. Capsules.

Dosage : 1-2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meals.

Side Effects : No Side effects, can be used with other herbal supplements, vitamins or other herbal remedies or natural products.


Our products are totally herbal, natural and potent as are available at a reasonable cost.

They don't have any side effect if taken in prescribed doses.


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