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Planet Ayurveda - Exhibition in Latvia

Planet Ayurveda, Exhibition in Latvia, Event, Workshop

We just finished our two days participation in exhibition "Esoterica 2016" in Riga, Latvia. Via this Exhibition we had a good spot next to the main stage.

It was a good and fruitful time to establish new connections with potential partners and a chance to improve understanding with existing ones. We came to know more than we already knew about Ayurveda. After having interaction with many people we got to know, how much trust they have in this traditional science of life. Some were still eager to know more and more about it.

Ayurveda is a natural way to not only treat disabilities in our body but at same place it improves our quality of life naturally, as it connects you and bring closer to nature. It is totally natural that keeps you free from adverse effects and give a positive hope to take your life ahead.

We have Planet Ayurveda that has carried Ayurveda more close to people with such positive changes in their life.

As we have now 15 registered Planet Ayurveda products in Latvia and two on the way, we really want to take Planet Ayurveda brand more seriously. We gradually became more significant players on Latvian Ayurvedic market. Here we will work with our sincere efforts to make more people to know more about Ayurveda, how it cures the diseases from roots and improves the quality of life without causing any adverse changes in the body.

We appreciate your participation and hope that future visit of Dr. Gulati to Latvia will improve it more.

Our Website: www.planetayurveda.lv


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