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  • 100 % Natural dietary supplements formulated by MD Ayurveda experts
  • No Chemicals, No fillers, No yeast, No starch, No Preservatives or anything unnatural.
  • The capsule shells are purely vegetarian.
  • Natural dietary supplements for Radiant skin hair nail formula
  • Authentic Ayurvedic formulations
  • Excellent results

Pack Size - 1 Bottle – 60 Veg capsules

Dosage - Consume 1-2 capsules twice daily, with plain water.

Ingredients of Radiant Skin-Hair-Nail Formula

Sr. No. Botanical Name Indian Name Quantity
1 Rubia cordifolia Manjistha 200 mg
2 Fumaria officinalis Pit Papda 100 mg
3 Swertia chiretta Chirata 100 mg
4 Aloe barbadensis Ghrit Kumari 100 mg

1. Rubia Cordifolia

It is a well-known plant in the world of Ayurveda. Rubia cordifolia is a very effective herb that has been grouped under the varnya group (Enhance skin complexion) of plants mentioned in Charaka Samhita. The common name of the plant is "Manjishtha" according to Ayurveda.

The herb occurs as a climber and the plant as a whole is perennial in nature. The roots exude many tannins, resins, sugars etc.

Important chemicals present in manjishtha or Rubia cordifolia are anthroquinones, pentacyclic triterpenes, quinines and cyclic hexapeptides.

2. Fumaria Officianalis

It is an herbaceous plant which grows erect and is approximately 50 cm long. The plant contains alkaloids, tannins and potassium salts. It majorly yields fumaric acid as a biochemical. The plant bears pink flowers in the summer season.

It is considered to be great for maintaining a glowing and even skin complexion.

3. Swertia Chiretta – Chirata

This plant exclusively grows in the Northern plains of India alongside the Himalayan range. Ayurveda has mentioned many uses of this plant in its various books on plant pharmacology and pharmacognosy.

It is great in supporting a healthy skin and body.

4. Aloe Barbadensis

Aloe barbedensis is presumably the most popular herb in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The plant bears thick succulent leaves which contain a transparent gel that is used for various purposes. It can be used for local application on the skin or for internal use as well.

It is commonly known by the name of Aloe Vera. The leaves are usually dark green in color. It is highly rich in many micronutrients, vitamins and many plant biochemicals.

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Are Natural Supplements Effective in Maintaining Healthy Skin?

Natural supplements are very effective in maintaining a healthy skin and hair. Care should be taken while choosing the right product for use as many supplements contain artificial additives which may not always be healthy to consume and can even induce an allergic reaction.

Is it Possible to Maintain Healthy Hair Naturally?

Hair growth and health depends a lot up on the dietary intake of the person. A lack of proteins in diet is a very common reason why people suffer hair loss or other scalp related problems.

The right amounts of proteins are always required for maintaining the hair texture and color and a healthy hair growth rate.

Nowadays, food products are however having high amounts of adulteration as a result, the nutritive value of the naturally available food commodities is falling day by day.

Natural dietary supplements available in the market can help to a large extent in supporting healthy hair provided they contain the right list of ingredients which have no risk of imposing any side effects.

What Kind of Diet can Help in Maintaining Healthy Nails?

Nails are made from keratin protein. They are tough structures present on the ten digits of the upper and lower limbs. Many people are genetically born with strong nails, while others frequently face problems like broken nails, whitening of nails and other similar problems.

A proper diet is essential for maintaining sturdy nails as well. Many a times, due to various dietary deficiencies or health problems, nails tend to break and crack or get discolored.

In all these cases, it becomes very important to take proper dietary measures to protect and enhance nail texture.

Planet Ayurveda's Radiant skin hair nail formula capsule is a very effective nutraceutical preparation that helps in maintaining healthy skin, hair as well as nails.


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