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SHALMALI - Silk Cotton Tree

shalmali, silk cotton herb treeName: Salmalia malabarica, commonly known as Silk Cotton Tree.

Family: Bombacaceae


English - Silk Cotton Tree

Hindi - Semal.

Sanskrit Name - Raktapushpa, Sthirayu, Kantakadhya


It is a tall tree growing to a height of 125 feet and a girth of 20 feet which makes them huge robust trees to look at. The stem and branches have numerous spiral thorns arranged all over them.


These are long, pointed like a javelin and occur 5 - 7 in number.


Flowers are red in color which occur as clusters at the ends of the branches.


Fruits are long, 5 - 7 cm in length, rounded or oval shaped or rounded, divided into five compartments.

These are often hairy with black colored seeds enclosed inside. The flowers blossom in the months of December to March.


It is a brownish - yellow colored extract that seeps through the broken crevices of the trunk of the Salmalia tree.

Parts used: Flowers, roots, fruits, extract.


Tannic acid, Galllic acid, catechins, starch, proteins etc.


Guna (Specific Action): Laghu (light), Snigdha (smooth), pichchil (slimy)

Rasa (Taste): Madhur (Sweet)

Vipaka (After Taste): Madhur (sweet), mochras (katu)

Virya (Potency): Sheet (cold potency)

Actions on Tridosha: Vitiates pitta and vata doshas. Moch rasa specifically acts on kapha and pitta body energies.

Dosage: Root powder - 5 - 10, Flower extracts - 10-20 ml, fruit powder - 2-6g.


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Dosage : 1-2 tea spoon full, twice daily with plain water or milk, after meals.


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