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What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Sheep's Sorrel (Rumex Acetosella)?

Sheep Sorrel, Rumex acetosella

Sheep's sorrel is botanically called Rumex acetosella, it also has some other names like sour weed, field sorrel or red sorrel. In some parts it is famous as sheep shower, a plant with flowers, which comes from the buckwheat family of Polygonaceae. This plant and its sub-species are generally perennial weeds. Usually it grows on acidic sandy soils in open country and grasslands. Most probably it must be the introductory plant to grow in abandoned mines, where the soil is acidic. The plant is toxic in nature as it has a high level of oxalates in it.

What are its Ingredients?

This herb has lots of minerals and vitamins like B-complex, C, D, E, K and P. It also has calcium, iron, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iodine, chlorine, silicon, zinc and beta carotene. Its other contents are that it has oxalic, malic, tartaric and tannic acids and lots of proteins. This herb is a rich source for herbal remedies. It has large amount of vitamin C that helps the body against scurvy. Sheep sorrel has number of health benefits that keeps our body fit & fine.

All its parts are used to make remedies that help in fighting fever, inflammation and scurvy. Its roots used in making tea as a remedy for diarrhea and excessive bleeding during the menstrual periods of females. The roots are cut after the fall. Its leaves are harvested in spring or on set of summer. These can be eaten along with the salads or boiled and eaten as a vegetable. You can also prepare a garnish and use it as an agent of tart flavor, a curdling agent in milk to convert it into cheese or on the green salad. The leaves have a tangy lemon like taste. To-day we are going to discuss its medicinal powers that lies in it.

What is Healed by This Herb?

1. Cures Cancer

Cancer is such a nasty word that many deny to utter it. Sheep sorrel kills the cancer cells growth and doesn't allow them to spread its wings to other parts of the body. It reduces the size of tumor that causes cancer. It acts as a blood purifier that cleans the blood and supplies the normal blood to all the parts evenly. It also helps blood carry all the infections of cancer cells and throws them out of the body even then when you have been detected to have this nasty disease called cancer.

2. Possesses Diuretic Effect

This herb helps in detoxification of the kidney. It also flushes all the toxins from the blood after cleaning it properly, making it easy to flow during circulation, thus the blood gets purified. It has diuretic features that encourages frequent urination, so that toxins are easily pushed out from the body.

3. Reduce Inflammation

The extract of its leaves are able to produce a remedy that lowers inflammation from the whole body. The inflammation is caused by scurvy or fever that makes the temperature of the body rise.

4. Heals Chronic Digestive Troubles

This herb has laxative features, thus it helps in healing many diseases related to the digestive system. It keeps a check on the bowel movements and makes them normal if any movements that differs happens. It takes care of the whole digestive tracts and see to it that the stool is passing normally without any difficulty. It also saves the body from constipation.

5. Butchers Intestinal Worms

This herb carries Vermifugal features that help in killing all the worms that keep clinging to the inner side of intestines and thus saves the body from cholera.

Its excessive use should not be done, because it has a huge amount of oxalic acid that can help make it develop a kidney stone, but the chances are rear. And keep one thing in mind that it should not be given to kids, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers.

How to Use it?

This herb is full of many nutrients that provide so many health benefits. This herb is so rare that it gets difficult to find it. This herb can be consumed in raw style or cooked as a vegetable. Mix it in your dishes as you do to spinach. It will certainly enhance their flavor. But it will be better to consult your doctor on how to use it and what should be the dosage. He/she will guide you better.


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