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Pancreas is an organ which is located behind our stomach in our body. Diabetes is the disease of pancreas. A substance called insulin is released by pancreas into the blood. This insulin helps our body to use the glucose (fats and sugars that are broken down from the food we eat). But in a diabetic person, the pancreas does not make insulin or makes only a little insulin or makes insulin but insulin does not work normally. Diabetes is a long term disease.

Insulin and Sugar Level

After a meal, our digestive system breaks some food into sugar and this sugar is carried by blood throughout our body. This causes rise in the blood sugar level. Due to this, the hormone insulin is released into the bloodstream to metabolize the sugar for fuel and the blood sugar levels return to normal.

Types of Diabetes

There Are Two Types Of Diabetes Which Are Explained Below:

Type 1 diabetes

This type of diabetes occurs most often in people who are below 30 years old. In this type of diabetes, pancreas does not makes insulin or makes little insulin. Person with this type of diabetes must take insulin to survive.

Type 2 diabetes

In this type of diabetes, pancreas makes insulin but insulin does not work as it should. Type 2 diabetes occurs most often in people who are above 40 years old. 9 out of 10 people with diabetes are suffering from this type of diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes are often sudden while symptoms of type 2 diabetes often go unnoticed.

The Common Symptoms Of Diabetes Are Listed Below:
  • Dry mouth and increased thirst
  • Blurred vision
  • Slow healing of sores or cuts.
  • Itchy skin
  • Need to urinate often
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss, yeast infections.

Causes of Diabetes

The Exact Cause Of Diabetes Is Not Known But There Are Some Factors Which Are Listed Below Which Increases The Risk Of Diabetes:
  • Being overweight is the common cause of diabetes.
  • Family history of diabetes.
  • Chances of diabetes increases with age.
  • Certain medications can lead to diabetes.
  • Being pregnant is another cause of diabetes.

What Hould Be The Normal Blood Glucose Level?

Normal blood glucose level for a diabetic person should be 70-130 mg/dL before meals and under 180 mg/dL is recommended, 2 hours after meals.

Can Pills Along With The Insulin Be Taken To Control Blood Sugar?

Yes, insulin can be taken with the oral medications. In fact, the combination of insulin with the pills is effective in controlling blood glucose level. Pills can be taken at daytime and insulin can be taken at night.

Is there any cure for diabetes?

There is no cure for diabetes but we can manage the symptoms of diabetes by maintaining healthy blood glucose level. Healthy blood glucose level helps to reduce the risk of complications.

Is There Any Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes?

In general, treatment of any disease depends on various factors such as lifestyle, eating habits and physical activity etc. Treatment of particular disease depends upon the cause of the disease. By maintaining healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and regular exercise, we can manage the symptoms of any disease to some extent and maintain overall health of the body.

Is There Any Dietary Supplement For Healthy Blood Glucose Level?


Yes, markets are flooded with so many natural supplements for healthy blood glucose levels in the body. In general, natural supplements are for the dietary support as healthy diet is one of an important requirement for maintaining healthy body. They are not for curing any disease.

Planet Ayurveda's Natural Supplement For Healthy Blood Glucose Level

Planet Ayurveda provides Shilajit capsules as a dietary supplement for healthy blood glucose level. This product is free from chemicals and side effects. This capsules are 100 percent pure and vegetarian. Hence this product supports health of the body in a natural way.

Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit capsules of Planet Ayurveda contain pure extract of Shilajit in it. Shilajit is a sticky and thick tar like substance and the color range from white to dark brown. Dark brown Shilajit is more common. It contains triterpenes, fulvic acid and humic acid in it. It is mainly found in Caucasus Mountains, Himalaya and Altai. Shilajit seeps from cracks in mountains, mostly due to warmth of the sun and due to this reason, Shilajit is considered as mineral oil, rock sweat or stone oil.

Pack size:

Each bottle contains 60 capsules in it.


2 capsules, two times a day, with plain water.


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