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What are the Benefits of Spriulina Capsules?

If you are asking whether I will be benefited by consuming Spirulina capsules or this algae will be helpful in any of my conditions or prevent any diseases - then the answer is a big YES !

Yes, it really helps. Spirulina is a nature's powerhouse having many many health benefits. The list explains some of the health benefits of Spirulina but there are many more which may not be listed because of shortage of space !!

Health Benefits of Spirulina Capsules

  • Spirulina boosts the Immune system
  • It Improves Eye Sight
  • It helps prevent gray hair
  • It improves stamina
  • It improves the hemoglobin
  • It is rich in natural vitamin B 12 and iron
  • It cleanses the body
  • It boosts energy levels
  • Spirulina also maintains healthy cardiovascular functions
  • Spirulina reduces wear and tear in the body
  • Spirulina prevents quick ageing
  • It helps in Allergies as well

Spirulina is stuffed with so many micronutrients that the list is endless. The phytonutrients like phycocyanin give blue green color to Spirulina. This has strong anti-oxidant and immune boosting properties.

More Health Benefits of Spirulina

  • Spirulina helps prevent heart damage caused by chemotherapy using Doxorubicin, without interfering with its antitumor activity.
  • Spirulina reduces the severity of strokes and improves recovery of motor control after a stroke
  • Spirulina reverses age-related declines in memory and learning
  • Spirulina extract inhibits HIV replication in human T-cells, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and Langerhans cells.
  • An in vitro study in 2008 concluded that Spirulina may possess iron-chelating properties.

Spirulina as a whole food replacement

There are many studies conducted on nutritional value of Spirulina and its health benefits. It is really a fact that spirulina is such a complete food that it give so many health benefits. It is rich in natural proteins, vitamins, minerals, Omega 6 Fatty acids, Chlorophyll and other phytonutrients that it provides the optimum nutrition to the body.
Infact NASA has conducted studies on SPirulina as potential food for space travel. NASA found that 1 kg of Spirulina had the same nutrients found in about 1000 kg of "assorted vegetables"

Plant Blood component - Chlorophyll

The structure of hemoglobin human blood contains Iron as a central binding element of protein molecules whereas in plants cholorophyll molecule is equivalent of Hemoglobin molecule. It contains Magnesium instead of iron as a central binding element. Therefore Cholorophyll is also very much popular as plant blood. Spirulina is the richest source of plant chlorophyll. Plant Chlorophyll helps grow and repair body tissues. It works as a powerful anti-oxidant. It boosts the immune system and helps maintain healthy circulatory system. Spirulina offers many health benefits and is an excellent source of chlorophyll.

Spirulina Capsules - The Best Quality High Nutritional Value Spirulina Capsules

  • Planet Ayurveda Spirulina capsules are of high nutritional value.
  • 100 % organic Spirulina
  • Free from Heavy Metals or inorganic impurities
  • Free from any chemicals
  • Free from Preservatives
  • Free from Additives, starch or fillers.
  • We use standardized extract of High Nutritional value Spirulina rather than using only raw powder.
  • The capsule shells are also 100 % vegetarian made from planet cellulose.
  • Each bottle contains 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Ingredients Packaging & Quantity

60 Vegetarian Capsules in Food Grade HDP Bottle Containing 100 % Pure Standardized 500 mg Extract of Spirulina

Other Ingredients

Silica gel (Dessicant To absorb moisture) No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, starch or Chemicals

Dosage & how to Take

1-2 capsules twice daily, About ½ hr. to 1 Hour after meals with plain or lukewarm water

To buy Spirulina Capsules, please visit store.planetayurveda.com/products/spirulina-capsules.


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