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Summer Fest 2019 By Trends Exhibition, Ludhiana

Summer Fest 2019 By Trends Exhibition, Ludhiana

The Summer Fest 2019 was organized by Trends Exhibition on 24-25 April at Hotel Maharaja Regency, Ludhiana. It offered a lot of variety in fashion and for making the house most lovable and livable with attractive pricing. Planet Ayurveda also participated in this exhibition.

Planet Ayurveda exhibited various cosmetic products and herbal supplements at Ludhiana and got a good response from people there. It was focused on the use of ayurvedic, herbal and natural products in day to day life. People were interested in using products that were completely natural and free from adverse effects. After the interaction with people in the exhibition, we came to know that people were interested in using herbal products as they are totally safe and natural.

Planet Ayurveda offered the best range of herbal supplements which are excellent to maintain the overall health at Summer Fest Trends Exhibitions, Ludhiana. The purpose of Planet Ayurveda's exhibition at Ludhiana was to showcase the Indian ancient power with the best use of advancement for the health benefits of the people.

Planet Ayurveda manufactures the best quality of herbal products with strict adherence to Ayurveda. All the herbal supplements are made from natural herbs with time tested formulas. The wide range of Planet Ayurveda products includes Herbal Capsules, Herbal Powders, Herbal Oils, Herbal Juices, Herbal Tablets, Beauty and Cosmetic Products etc. All the products have standardized herbal formulas and certifications of authenticity.

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Planet Ayurveda in Summer Fest 2019 By Trends Exhibition, Ludhiana


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