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Supplement That Boost or Enhance Your Immunity Naturally – Immune Booster

healthy immune system

Ayurveda, ancient Indian system of health care, offers a natural way to maintain a healthy body. Ayurveda considers, the tridoshas (Vata, pitta and Kapha) as the energies of the body. Any imbalance in these doshas result in one or several health problems.

In Ayurveda, there is a theory of immunity, known as beej-bhumi theory, which means seed and land. In this theory, the body is related to the land while the infections are related to the seed. If there is accumulation of the ama in the body and the body is lacking the ojas, then the infection will find the fertile ground in the same way as the fertile land will sprout the seeds. On the other hand, if the digestion is strong and ojas are there, then the seeds of the infection will not affect the body just like infertile land will not sprout the seeds.

When the seasons change, then everyone is more susceptible to respiratory infections. This is because, the body functions differently in hot and cold seasons and digestive fire (Agni) can start to fluctuate irregularly. So, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle otherwise, ama can build up in the body.

Respiratory illness and allergies are common in the fall and early spring. In the early spring, accumulated ama starts to melt, which in turn flooding the micro channels as well as overloading the immune system. The immune system of the body becomes weak as well as becomes the fertile ground for bacteria or allergens.

Immunity is quality or state of being immune or we can say a condition of being able to resist a particular disease especially through preventing development of a pathogenic microorganism or by counteracting the effects of its products. Whole immunity system consists of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs which defends people against germs and microorganisms every day. This type of protection is called immunity.

Infectious diseases and immunity disorders are a continuous threat to human well being. The objective of Planet Ayurveda is offering the immunity to one and helps in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious disease and immunity disorders.

Immune Booster by Planet Ayurveda

Immune Booster is an amazing herbal remedy at Planet Ayurveda which builds the whole immune system quickly as its name clarifies. It is very useful in almost all health ailments. Immune Booster is prescribed in children who get recurrent sinus, throat infections with cough and cold. It works fantastically in diseases like asthma, chronic cough, diabetes, inflamed liver, cancer, aging, infections etc. It works really well in females with frequent urinary tract infections.

Thus we can say that Immune Booster:-

  1. It can work as an immunity wall for the whole family.
  2. It throws out toxins out of body and cleanses it.
  3. It works very well on respiratory tract infections and builds long lasting immunity in children, elderly and adults.
  4. It also protect from recurrent infections.
  5. This remedy also protect from free radicals and toxins.

Pack Size - 60 capsules per bottle.

Dosage - 2 capsules once or twice daily.

Ingredients and their Benefits:-

1. Grape seed (Vitis vinifera) - 200 mg in quantity

Grape fruits are very high in vitamin c, which are very helpful for boosting immune system. One – half of grape fruit contains 100 % of the daily value of vitamin C. it is very less in calories.

2. Cow colostrums (Bovine colostrums) - 200 mg in quantity

Colostrums milk is collected during 24 hrs of milking of buffalo after birth of calf. It Helps in building and strengthening of immunity system and guard body against diseases, Contain healthy factors like vitamins, micronutrients, proteins and minerals.

3. Bhumi amla (Phyllanthus niruri) - 50 mg in quantity

It is very strong anti oxidant which fights against diseases and enhance immunity system. Useful in conditions like cough, cold, asthma, liver diseases, jaundice etc.

4. Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) - 50 mg in quantity

Amalaki, also known as amla or Indian Gooseberry, has been called "the Ayurvedic wonder," as it supports everything from digestion to elimination, immunity, and inner and outer skin health.

To buy Immune Booster, please visit store.planetayurveda.com/products/immune-booster.


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