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What are the Uses and Health Benefits of Symplocos Racemosa (Lodhra)?

Symplocos Racemosa, Lodhra

Symplocos racemosa is a small evergreen tree that comes from the family of Symplocaceae also called lodhra in Sanskrit. It can be found in tropical or sub - tropical nations. Traditionally it was used to cure your eyes, ear problems, skin troubles, tumors, urine problems, fever, snake bites, asthma, gonorrhea, arthritis, bleeding gums and liver & controls bowel movements.

Studies do tell us the presence of plenty of phenolic glycosides such as triterpenoids like betulinic acid, acetyloleanolic acid, symplocoside and oleanolic acid and flavonoids like quercetin. All these are responsible for creating protective effects.

Lots of ethno botanical proves have been confirmed via systematic in-vitro and in-vivo pharmacological studies about its extraction from the different barks of this tree, which is thick and of brown in color. Mostly experts believe in knowing the pros and cons of this tree about its medicinal strength before embarking its use, they wanted to be on the safe side.

It has many medicinal uses that we will discuss in detail.

It's paste is made after extracting its bark and applied directly on the bruises or wounds that you have incurred.

The paste can also be applied over eye-lids to cure conjunctivitis.

The paste made from the bark is also used to heal itching, rashes and insect bites.

If the ears starts oozing out a liquid discharge, the powder made from the bark is put in the ear hole to bring the condition under control.

Its decoction, which is prepared from this tree's bark is given to the patients of diarrhea and bleeding piles. This process tightens the blood vessels and stops bleeding.

Chilly infusion of its flowers is given to heal fever and cough.

Cold decoction is prescribed to heal urine bleeding cases.

When acne sprouts up, don't panic just apply the paste of lodhra and sphatika on the infected part directly If it is the case of pimples, than apply the paste mixture of lodhra, vaca (Acorus Calamus) and dhanyaka (Coriandrum sativum) on them. It being an astringent, clears the skin from all black & white heads. It also helps in drying up the acne very soon.

Lodhra when mixed with other pastes help in taking care of your many gum problems. When the trouble is regarding your gums, the mixture of paste of lodhra, patanga, Laksha and madhuka be added to some raw honey and used.

In dental caries after cleaning the blood, a paste that has a mixture of lodhra, rasanjana and musta, mixed with raw honey should be applied.

The powder obtained from lodhra's bark should be mixed with khadira, triphala, nyagrodha bud and ghrita and made into a paste with the help of plain water. When applied it loosens and softens the wounds. When you apply the powder of lodhratwak to a wound, makes it heal faster than the normal time.

If you have a problem with eye-lids than massage them with butter, than apply the paste of white lodhra on it.

If you have pain and inflammation in your eyes, fry powdered lodhra mixed with madhuka (also known as Indian butter tree) in ghee, than soften it with the breast milk of a lady, apply it on your eye-lids and around eyes. It sooths the burning sensation caused by Pitta and Rakta.

If your eyes are paining fry lodhra powder in ghee and put it in a soft cloth mixed with hot water and put it on the closed eyes. It alleviates the pain.

To enhance the vision of the eyes lodhra powder should be wrapped in nimba leaves and mix a little ladies breast milk and put it in the eyes, it certainly will rejuvenate your vision.

Lodhra powder should be mixed with tumbi leaves and made into a paste by adding some plain water. Apply this paste in your vaginal area with your own fingers.

The mixture of lodhra powder into dhataki powder, karanja powder, indrayava powder and jati powder, should be made into a paste and applied directly on the texture of the skin. It will diminish all the blemishes from the skin and make it more glowing.

Lodhra Kwatha is used to remove the dark circles under the eyes, removes red patches, acne or pimple marks, any blemishes from the face.

It also helps in correcting many diseases like mix lodhra churan with pippali churan and milk, should be given to pregnant ladies in their 7th or 8th month to avoid miscarriage tendency.

Lodhra powder when mixed with yogurt helps a lot during dysentery. It is also beneficial in many complex situations like it quenches thirst, helps in pain, swelling, keeps menstrual system in females under control and is also used when they have conceived.

Lodhra bestows so many medicinal benefits that it becomes hard to ignore it.


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