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Top 10 Useful Tips to Prevent Dengue & its Symptoms


Dengue refers to a viral infection that is transmitted by the bite of an infected female Aedes mosquito. There are four different stereotypes of the dengue virus which are DEN 1, DEN 2, DEN 3, and DEN 4. Dengue symptoms start to appear between 3 and 14 days after an infective bite. It's symptoms are similar to flu that affects infants, young kids and adults, which include high fever, severe headache, nausea and vomiting, swollen glands, pain behind eyes, muscle and joint pain and skin rash. Unluckily, there is no effective treatment for dengue fever yet severe cases can be potentially lethal. Luckily, health experts are equipped with the knowledge for dealing with dengue fever if the early clinical diagnosis is made and management administered.

Top 10 Useful Tips to Prevent Dengue & its Symptoms

Here are 10 Useful Tips to Prevent Dengue and its Symptoms:-

1. Improve Drainage

Ensuring that you have a proper drainage in your home will prevent water from collecting to create breeding places for mosquitoes. Cover or turn over empty buckets and pails around your home. It is advisable to ensure that there is no stagnant water by digging draining systems in areas that water from rainfall may collect.

2. Use Mosquito Net

Sleeping inside a mosquito net will prevent bites from dengue vectors as well as other insects that can cause other illnesses. Ensure that the nets are regularly treated with mosquito expellants and that they are properly tucked inside your mattress. Replace torn or worn out mosquito nets that don't offer protection against insect bites.

3. Take Care of Potted Plants

It is very important to clean out empty flower pots around your home and to avoid over-watering them. Flower pots can form good breeding places for mosquitoes, which can put you at an increased risk of dengue fever or malaria. Empty flower pots should be covered or turned upside down.

4. Seal Ventilation

Ensure that ventilation in your house doesn't allow mosquitoes to get inside. Seal openings in windows and doors to your house to keep mosquitoes and other insects outside. Replace broken door and window screens or seal them completely.

5. Isolate Infected Person

If you have a family member with dengue fever, ensuring that he/she is isolated especially at night can help prevent the spread of this viral disease. If you can't isolate them, ensure that they are sleeping in a secure place where they cannot be bitten by mosquitoes at night.

6. Replace Water Tray Regularly

If you use a cooler in your house, you should regularly clean and replace water tray to prevent the stagnant water from becoming breeding sites for mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can treat water trays with mosquito repellant quite often.

7. Plant Tulsi Near Your House Openings

Planting tulsi near your doors and windows is one of the most effective natural methods to keep mosquitoes outside your house. This is a renowned plant that naturally inhibits mosquitoes from breeding. You can also plant tulsi in your garden areas that are prone to stagnant water from the rainfall.

8. Use Camphor

Camphor works wonders as a mosquito repellant. Simply light camphor in a room with all doors and windows closed. Leave the camphor lighting for about 20 minutes to get a mosquito free environment. If you sleep in a room that has openings, light camphor and leave it overnight to keep mosquitoes away.

9. Cover Your Body

When staying outdoors, especially at night, wear long-sleeved clothing that covers most of your body to prevent mosquito bites. Wear longer clothing to cover exposed skin surfaces on your feet as well as your arms. It is also advisable to sleep on a nightgown to cover your body against bites from mosquitoes that may enter into your room. If comfortable, wear socks and gloves to protect your feet and arms against mosquito bites.

10. Keep Your Dustbin Covered

Dustbins and trash cans can also act as breeding places for mosquitoes, and should, therefore, be covered when not in use. It is always advisable to empty your dustbins and trash cans quite often to break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes. In addition, treating them with mosquito repellants can also help to curb the spread of dengue.


Dengue is a viral disease that is highly infectious through mosquito bites. So far there no effective treatment or vaccines for dengue fever. The best and most effective method to prevent the spread and symptoms of dengue is to get rid of all the breeding places for mosquitoes in your home. Since dengue is a completely preventable disease, all you should do is to take necessary steps to keep yourself and your family safer. Seek specialized treatment if you become infected with dengue fever and ask your doctor the most effective means to prevent it from spreading to those you interact with every day.




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