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Top Reasons Why You Should Sip Green Tea Everyday!

If you were given an opportunity to look younger, avoid diseases, feel healthier, lose weight and look your best, would you leave it? Well, you wouldn't, right? Then why are you missing on Green Tea! The elixir of life is known for a wide range of benefits and that's the reason you should be sipping this humble beverage every day. So, don't leave the opportunity to be fitter and healthier- both physically and mentally. Read on this list of reasons to know why you should be drinking at least a cup or two of Green Tea every day.Firstly, when you Buy Green Tea Online India, you are guaranteed a refreshing, invigorating taste. Having a beverage with average level of caffeine but high level of polyphenols ensures that you are energetic for the entire day. So, if you are one of those who feels tired in the morning or needs a burst of energy in the evening, then this tea is right for you! Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors, from lemon to Tulsi, providing great taste.

Private Label Tea bags in India providing high quality of Green Tea, which contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of phytochemicals which provide several anti-oxidative and anticarcinogenic benefits. And if you think that other types of tea might provide you similar benefits, then you are wrong. Only Green Tea contains the highest amount of flavonoids when it comes to tea. Plus, it is laden with amino acids, lipids, dietary minerals and enzymes, which make it particularly healthy. Its regular usage can also result in reduction of tumor, bladder ailments and lethargy. In fact, Food and Drug Administration, FDA states that green tea can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

When you buy green tea online in India, you aren't just guaranteed hassle free delivery; you are assured that you receive antimicrobial benefits as well. Chemical compounds such as EGCG, EGC and ECG have antimicrobial properties that help in dealing with pathogenic bacteria such as e.coli, streptococcus mutans, which is known for causing cavities, salmonella, a common cause of digestion ailments and diarrhea and antifungal activity against herpes and HIV virus. Therefore, drinking it every day would reduce any chance of medical conditions related to gastrointestinal working.

But one of the most documented and most popular reasons you should drink green tea every day is that it helps in weight loss, provides toned body and guarantees younger looking skin. Polyphenols and caffeine can increase metabolic by 4 percent and while this may seem a little less, over a period of time, this boost can help in stimulating fat oxidation, reducing the amount of flab in the body. At the same time, its anti-oxidant properties can help in making you fitter and younger.

So, what are you waiting for? Brew a steamy cup of Green Tea now!


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